What Are Solo Ads? and Where to Buy? (Updated 2024)

What Are Solo Ads? and Where to Buy? (Updated 2024)

Wondering what are solo ads? Where are solo ads used? And why people use it?
If these questions are revolving in your mind, then worry not I will clear all your doubts today in this blog article.
Before we rush, let’s quickly know

What are solo ads & how does it work?

Solo ads are the medium of advertising through email marketing. In this process, a person rents their email list to another person based on clicks and conversions.

Anyone can build a quality email list using solo ads for their business and upsell them their other products and services.

With this method, people promote there products and services to the other person’s email list subscribers. This is the most profitable method to promote any products relevant to their niches; however, sometimes it becomes tough to get conversion also.
Anyone can buy solo ads by direct pitching to list holders, bloggers, or influencers who have hundreds and thousands of email subscribers.

The price to purchase ranges from $100 to any amount. It depends on the quality and the country of the list.
Let me tell you the truth yes this type of ads are expensive however, the conversion rate is also high in this advertising method. In this advertising method, you buy clicks from the list holder.

For example, If you are promoting any health niche product which you cannot advertise on Google ads or Facebook ads, the only advertisement method you left is solo ads. If you buy 300 clicks from any seller for tier 1 countries like the USA, UK, Canada, then you have to pay approx amount $500. And the product you are promoting is worth $200, you get $200 if a person gets converted.

If you get 10 conversions out of 300 clicks, how much you made? You made $2000 by just spending $500, which means you made a profit of $1500.

Who can Use Solo Ads?

  1. Marketers who not able to promote offers from health niche, dating, crypto, etc.
  2. Promoting CPC offers and getting high CPC (Cost Per Click) rates
  3. Want to build your list of tier 1 countries by driving traffic to your landing page. (You can use GetResponse to create your email list and Builderall to build beautiful landing pages)

Where to buy Solo Ads?

If you are looking to buy solo ads for your business or if you want to promote affiliate products, CPA offers, then it works well. My favorite platform to buy solo ads is UDIMI, one of the most trusted platforms verified by top affiliate marketers of the world who use Udimi solo ads for their affiliate campaigns.

On Udimi, you can get verified sellers who can drive a good number of conversions to the product you are promoting.

buy solo ads on udimi

Choose sellers with a high percentage of conversions rate like you can see in the above image that seller 1 has a conversion percentage of 42% and liked by 1424 solo ad buyers on the Udimi platform. You can also find some cheap solo ads that work for your affiliate campaigns with Udimi, Not every time you have to pay heavy chunks of money to sellers.

Get a $5 instant discount on UDIMI.

How to profit from solo ads?

Now you all know these type of ads are a bit expensive from any other advertising medium, now you have to focus more on profits. Below are some key points you should remember before planning to go with this advertising method:

  1. Promote high ticket products
  2. Buy more clicks which will increase chances for more conversions.
  3. Build your email list don’t promote direct offers, land traffic to your landing page. (Use Builderall for landing page and send automated emails to your email subscribers combined from the same platform)

How to write effective email ad copies?

Writing effective emails that convert well is a really hectic task and needs lots of creativity to write better copy. I recommend if you are buying solo ads from UDIMI then let your seller writes the email copy for you. Your seller knows his audience better than you so let them write it for you with just a little extra cost.

And if you personally want to write email ad copies then you can get ideas from google just google the term “effective solo ads templates” you will find some good results from there you can get ideas. Use Grammarly to proofread and write error-free email copies.

Tools Required for Solo Ads?

  1. Udimi (Platform to get sellers)
  2. Builderall (Landing page Builder + email Marketing)
  3. GetResponse ( Email automation tool + Marketing tool)
  4. ClickMagick (Click tracking tool loved by marketers and me too)

I hope now your concept is clear about solo Ads and you can start your affiliate campaigns to drive more conversions for your business. This thing we can assure with Udimi that if you will buy solo ads from UDIMI then you will get sellers who can provide you targeted solo ads.

Let me know which platforms you use to buy solo ads? do share this article with your marketer friends.

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