Grant Cardone Net Worth (Updated 2024): Is he a Ligit Billionaire?

Grant Cardone Net Worth (Updated 2024): Is he a Ligit Billionaire?

Grant Cardone is an entrepreneur, author, real estate investor, and sales trainer. He has a net worth of $350 million. He recently also participated in the 2nd season of undercover billionaire for Discover channel.

Who is Grant Cardone?

Grant Cardone is an American entrepreneur, sales trainer, real estate investor, and radio personality. Cardone started his first business at the age of 21, a printing and advertising company. He then founded Cardone Enterprises, a real estate development company.

Grant Cardone net worth

In 2005, he founded Cardone Capital, a merchant bank. In 2007, he founded the Grant Cardone Training Academy. Today, Cardone’s companies do business in more than 26 countries around the world. Also conducting offline events and seminars.

He is a motivational speaker and teaches people how to achieve success in their lives. Also author of five bestselling books including The 10X Rule and Be Obsessed or Be Average. He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News.

Grant Cardone Biography

Net Worth$350 Million
Date of BirthMar 21, 1958 (63 years old)
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Writer, Salesman, Presenter, Salestrainer, Investor
NationalityUnited States of America
Grant Cardone net worth

Grant Cardone Net Worth

Grant Cardone is an entrepreneur, sales trainer, and radio personality with a net worth of $350 million. He is making millions by selling his courses, training programs and high ticket marketing events.

Early Life of Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone was born on March 21, 1958, in Mount Vernon, New York. He was the son of a salesman and a stay-at-home mom. Curtis Louis Cardone (deceased in 1968) and Concetta Neil Cardone (deceased in 2009) were the parents of Grant cardone.

Grant Cardone Career

Grant Cardone is a college dropout. After dropping out of college in his early twenties, he started his first business, which failed. He then started a second business, which was more successful. He has written numerous books on sales and marketing.

He studied from LaGrange High School in Lake Charles and did his graduated from McNeese State University in 1981.

Grant Cardone Real Estate

In 2005, he founded Cardone Capital, a merchant bank. Cardone is best known for his real estate empire and investments in real estate business.

grant cardone real estate

He started with just one property and has since built an empire that includes commercial and residential properties. He is also a successful investor, having invested in both businesses and real estate.

Grant Cardone Personal Life & Wife

grant cardone wife

Grant Cardone is a family man. He has been married to his wife, Elena Cardone, for more than 30 years. They have four children together.

He is a self-made man who started from scratch. He is known for his work ethic and his no-nonsense approach to business and life.

FAQ’s about Grant Cardone

How much does Grant Cardone make per year?

Grant Cardone makes an estimated $30 million per year.

Is Grant Cardone rich?

There is no simple answer to this question. Grant Cardone is certainly wealthy, but it’s difficult to say just how rich he is. His net worth is estimated to be around $350 million, but this figure could be much higher if he has any hidden assets or investments. Whatever the exact amount, it’s clear that Cardone is a very wealthy man.

What does Grant Cardone actually sell?

Grant Cardone sells a number of different things, but his main focus is on sales and marketing. He teaches people how to be successful in sales, and his books are full of advice on how to achieve this. He also sells real estate, training courses, and various other products and services.

Does Grant Cardone own a jet?

It’s difficult to say for certain, but it seems likely that Grant Cardone does own a jet. He is a very wealthy man and jets are a common luxury item for the rich and famous. Cardone has spoken about his love of flying and has said that one of his favorite things to do is take his family on vacation in his private jet.

Does Grant Cardone own 10X living?

Grant Cardone does own 10X living. He is a very successful entrepreneur and businessman, and it’s likely that he would have invested in something as successful as 10X living.

Additionally, he is a big advocate of the 10X rule, which says that you should always aim to achieve 10 times more than your goals. This would certainly be in line with the philosophy of 10X living.

What age did Grant Cardone become a millionaire?

Grant Cardone became a millionaire at the age of 32. He had started his first business by this point and it was this business that made him a millionaire. He has since gone on to build an even greater fortune, but he started out with just $10,000 in the bank.

Is Grant Cardone doing undercover billionaire?

Yes, Grant Cardone did undercover Billionaire in Season 2 for Discovery channel.


In this article i have shared net worth of Grant Cardone and how he is earning his money. He is a wealthy man owning many real estates and a private Jet. He is a sales traniner, marketer and businessman helping people in achieving success with 10X rule.

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