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5 FREE Facebook Marketing Tools [meta advertising tools]

Guys if you are into e-commerce or running Facebook ads then this post will be your lifesaver as i am listing some FREE Facebook Marketing Tools that you can use to improve your Facebook ads conversions & ROIs.

Also listed some useful tools which are freemium at the bottom of the article so that you can also try those Facebook marketing tools to scale your Facebook ads.

FREE Facebook Marketing Tools

1. Facebook Ad Library

facebook ad library

Facebook ad library is one of the best free tool for Facebook ads & it also help us to get an eye on Facebook ad campaigns of our competitions.

Meta ads are providing us with the transparency to see ads of any pages if their ads are active and running. I am using this tool in my company for spying for my Facebook ad clients.

facebook ad library

Ad library also helps you to Download information and track spending of any page you want to track. You can also use Ad Library application programming interface (API) to build your own search for any social issues or politics or elections.

However, if you really planning to spy on your competitors then i recommend PowerAdSpy (Get 14 days FREE trial) can be a best fit for you to spy and see successful campaigns of your competitors.

2. Facebook Creative Guide Navigator (Expert Guide)

Facebook Creative Guide Navigator

Facebook Creative Guide Navigator will help you drive results with advice from the experts. This tool will help you scale your Facebook ad campaigns with the help of experts and people who are running these type of campaigns and have good experience in Meta ads.

However if you are really want to learn Facebook ads i recommend is to learn by doing so take consultation from someone who is already doing it and running successful ad campaigns.

Facebook Creative Guide Navigator filters

This tool provides you with filters to choose between platforms, format, industry, region, business size & objectives.

Use this tool using this link

3. Meta Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint, Meta Blueprint

Meta Blueprint that was earlier known as Facebook Blueprint will help you discover online training courses and certifications that will help you do better in meta ads and outperform your competitors.

Facebook Blueprint course filter

Meta Blueprint course catalogue will help you search among the best courses and training programs to learn meta ads.

meta blueprint catalogue

You can see in the above image how this tool act as a search engine to find courses and training materials to learn and grow.

However, you can also checkout Coursera from where i have learned Facebook ads.

4. Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook/Meta Audience insights will help you find more data about your target audience whom you want to target via Meta Ads.

You can get Demographics overview, Find out what people like & Learn about lifestyles.

5. Facebook Creative Hub (Create Mockups)

Facebook Creative Hub

If you are using this free tool by Facebook then you are losing so much. This tool will help you get more ideas about creatives & mockups that you can use in your Facebook ads.

You can also do Get the inspiration you want and the info you need, Preview your best ideas on mobile, Collaborate with your teammates on mockups and projects, Go from idea to launch easily, securely and quickly.

Also checkout placeit by envato to create graphics & mockups.


These were some FREE Facebook Marketing Tools that you can use for your research and planning of your Facebook ads. And if you are looking for some paid tools for Facebook ads then you should definitely check below tools out:

  1. Revealbot (Scale your Facebook ads)
  2. PowerAdspy (to spy on your competitors ad)
  3. Privyr (to get instant lead alerts & more from lead generation ad campaigns), Also get $10 signup bonus using this Privyr Link.
  4. Semrush (To spy on the organic & performance ads your competitors are running.)

If you loved this post share it on your social media and tag me so that i shall reshare it. Also some more tools for Facebook advertising that you know without url in comments so that i shall approve.

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