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Are backlinks generated during Google sandbox effect?

Google Sandbox

If this is your question and you want to know are backlinks generated during the sandbox effect you SEO or not? Yes backlinks created during sandbox period will help you in building authority if created cautiously.

Backlinks Created During Sandbox Will effect?

Then I must say yes your every backlink counts, matter not when you have created that backlink during the sandbox period of your website or after the Sandbox.

Those who don’t know what is Google Sandbox? Then let me quickly tell you. Sandbox is nothing but a time duration; in this time, Google places a check on your site to measure your authenticity, genuineness, and consistency of your blog.

If you keep posting high-quality well-researched content, regularly update your articles, then Google will release your site from the Sandbox, and you will start ranking on different targetted keywords.

Many of you have noticed that after creating a fresh new blog, your pages do not rank in Google SERPs. Sandbox is the reason behind no ranks or traffic. As soon as Google satisfies with your website, it removes your site from Sandbox.

What is the duration of Google Sandbox for blog?

Google Sandbox duration depends on Google itself no one has control over it, it can be for one month, three months, six months, one year, two years, or longer.

This is based on your blog’s profile based on performance, authenticity, and authority.

How can Backlinks help you in the sandbox period?

Authority is the key to getting rid of google sandbox. However, high-quality backlinks will help you build your authority fast and start attracting various SERP benefits.

Profile backlinks, web 2.0 backlinks, Local listing, directory submission, comment backlinks, and guest post links will help your blog to overcome the first stage of blogging.

How to check if my site is in google sandbox

You can always check if your site is in Google sandbox or not from Google Sandbox Checker. You can see the below image for more understanding.

Google Sandbox checker

Just type your URL in sandbox checker, Enter the keyword on which you want to check, fill the captcha and click on submit, it will take few seconds and display your results if your site is in the Sandbox or not.

How to check indexed backlinks for your website?

You can quickly check backlinks free with SEMrush one of my favourite tools to check indexed backlinks. Check below image how to check backlinks using SEMrush tool.

Semrush backlink checker

Just Visit SEMrush and Signup if you do not have an account then type your URL you want to check backlinks for and hit enter then hover to backlinks tab as shown in the above image.
All Indexed URLs will be displayed instantly. You can quickly get all details about backlinks with just some clicks.

However you can check backlinks of your and your competitors using some of the free backlink checkers available online.

Guys backlinks are the fuel for your ranking and building authority. Always try to build quality backlinks if you want to grow fast in your blogging career and drive quality organic traffic to your blog. Backlinks will make your ranking game easy.

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  1. Sir, After reading this post First time I knew that there is something called Google Sandbox. Very informative article, thank you for sharing with us.
    I will try to implement this.

  2. hello sir,
    I just checked many websites on the link provided by you here, but all are showing in sandbox.
    Infact is also showing in sandbox..
    how is this possible???

  3. Hey Amit, its amazing dear. I have read a lot of articles from this blog and they help me a lot. But this article was incredible, I think you did a lot of research before writing this post.


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