New Search Engine Launched by Ahrefs Rewards 90% Revenue to Creators New Search Engine Launched by Ahrefs Rewards 90% Revenue to Creators

Ahrefs recently launched a Search Engine that rewards 90% ad revenue to creators. According to their website their browser will support good content.

Ahrefs is the leading SEO tool for analysing your website, performing SEO audits, check backlinks, check traffic of websites and have an eye on your competitors to beat them in search results.

What is is a search engine developed by Ahrefs going to compete other search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. They are planning to share 90% ad revenue to their creators.

The colour and user interface is neat and looks premium however lets see in the near future what Ahrefs has in their bucket.

Profit Share is planning to work on 90/10 profit sharing model and majorly focusing on helping creators and promoting quality content.


Yepbot will help Yep by using data collected by Ahrefs to build their own web index and search engine service.

How to use

Just visit and type your search query and it will display results like any other search engines. search engine by ahrefs

You can also change language preferences and other setting from the settings tab.

Yep browser settings

This can be a game-changer for creators in the search engine industry. Currently they are open for hiring for different postions oCaml Developer, C++ developer, ReasonML Developer, DevOps/Oncall, Data Scientist (Search), Data Scientist (Image Processing).

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