How to Get Free Products for Review: 5 Easy Methods that Works in 2024

How to Get Free Products for Review: 5 Easy Methods that Works in 2024

Wondering how to get free products for review? Worry not i will tell you 5 easy methods to get products for review on your blogs or social media channels.

Before applying for any sponsor opportunity you should have these things in place and have some audience or following whom you can promote your products.

How to Get Free Products for Review?

Going to share some platforms where you can outreach brands to get free products for reviews. Brands also out reach influencers if they see you have some following or niche audience to promote their products.

1. Daily Goodie Box

Daily goodie box

DailyGoodieBox one of the best website to get products for free you just have to signup and DGB is free product testing site for people in US only.

You don’t have to pay anything for shipping or no credit card is required for signup. Its 100% free to join. They have partnered with 500+ brands and provide free products for testing for their members.

Once you receive your free product you can share your honest opinion with your followers. You can join their social media pages to know about ongoing giveaways of products.

2. Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine is all about providing free products for reviews. It is invitation-only program for the reviewers who reviews on Amazon store as Vine Voice.

Process is very simple however its not available for everyone, only people who writes insightful reviews on Amazon store may more likely to get invites. If you are enrolled in Amazon Vine program you can order products from Amazon Store at no cost to your doorsteps.

Reviews of the product on vine platform appears local audience in their own area. Thousands of products are added to vine daily and this brings more choice to Vine reviewers to review more products from the platform.

3. Rebaid


Rebaid is a platform to get rebates from Amazon sellers for the users. Also note that this service is available in US only where you can get rebates on the products you want to buy for the review purpose.

They only allow upto 10 rebates for a new user first month and limit of rebates goes high once you start using the platform.

On Trustpilot reviews are also good for this platform. You can get products with extra rebate from featured deals & sweepstake section.

Also make sure you are not reselling products after receiving from REBAID Platform. As per the platform they have made over $100MM in shopper savings.

4. User testing

User testing

Usertesting is a platform that pays you to test their products for free. This website helps you get products for testing for free from brands like Canva, Godaddy, zendesk, walmart, microsoft, hp, etc.

This platform is quite user friendly and have proper navigational environment. According to brand have onboarded more than 3400 brands across the world.

While signing up you should choose i want to make money online and get paid for testing.

5. Influenster


Influenster is again one of the most used platform to get free products for reviews for influencers. This website is good for influencers who are into fashion, beauty & who are promoting D2C brands in their content.

They offer voxboxes which is a package filled with goodies and freebies from multiple brands that you can showcase to your audience.

Offering freebies to influencers daily to get honest opinions for the brands associated with Influenster.

How you can start Getting Free Products on Review Platforms

Before applying for any platforms to get free products for reviews you should know these basics and have these assets:

  1. You should have some audience on any social media platform.
  2. Be genuine while signing up.
  3. Use professional email id to apply instead som gmail ids.
  4. Write genuine unbiased reviews for the product.
  5. Make your presence on every review platforms to build trust.


Being an influencer its your first priority to recommend good products and services don’t just promote anything for the sake that you are getting free products. Also try to share your honest unbiased opinon on the product you are promoting.

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