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6 Best FREE Camtasia Alternatives of 2024 For Mac And Windows

Camtasia alternatives

Camtasia is notable as one of the most progressive professional screen recorder tools that provide stunning resolution for recorded videos. Although it possesses every single inconceivable element yet at the same time you may need to search for some alternatives to this software program since its value run is too high and you will never at any point profit any free overhaul for Camtasia.

It may stand good for professionals yet beginners cannot make this much venture so they may require some similarly or exceptionally highlighted software tools. On the off chance that you are also in search of such software program, at that point the article below will be exceptionally valuable for you.

The best alternatives for Camtasia can be settled based on three major perspectives that possess propelled editing features, basic editing features, and software that do not offer editing features.

The Camtasia studio suite provides a rich method to quickly construct an assortment of products dependent on-screen recordings (and even incorporated video successions.) This makes it a perfect product for making top-notch preparing CDs for complex software products and tutorials for web applications.

What is Camtasia Studio?

Camtasia alternatives

Camtasia Studio by TechSmith is a set-up of tools intended to make a professional-level “video.”Through its powerful screen catch technology and its capacity to work with an avi record, it allows you to consistently coordinate screen catches (with an assortment of enhancements) with video cuts (whenever wanted) to make precious stone understood, staggering productions.

Camtasia Studio is comprised of the subsequent tools; Camtasia Recorder, Camtasia Producer, Camtasia Effects, Camtasia MenuMaker, and Camtasia Player.

Each part contributes in its own one of a kind route to professional-level production. What is more, the expectation to absorb information is very light to kick you off.

There is an assortment of cutting edge features that can be learned as you utilize the tool more however the basics, which you can ace in under an hour, will produce a superb tutorial, product CD, and so forth.

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Camtasia Studio allows you to make a preparation CD that can take a person from the very basics of working with one of these software bundles to utilizing propelled features.

What is more, it can do it in a show all habits. In other words, you really make the CD as you do a project. This allows you to show the viewer the specific advances that you are taking to perform a particular errand or arrangement of undertakings with that software bundle.

Download Camtasia Video Recorder & Editor Free Trial

By making preparing CDs to show explicit approaches to utilized complex software products, you are fulfilling an extraordinary need provided your tutorials focus on the correct information.

Once you step outside the domain of basic tools – like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so forth (for example Video Professor type preparing materials), there is an enormous number of products the people got to know to perform their jobs well.

These software products can cost an immense amount of dollars. Furthermore, anything that can eliminate the expectation to absorb information or show another approach to utilize the product (which can mean another approach to bring in money with the product) becomes truly significant.

Just to offer one model. Suppose you are an authorized professional designer (PE) in the construction business. Odds are excellent that quite a bit of your time is put resources into utilizing building plan software to compute a wide range of factors in the construction, worries of joints, material thicknesses, and so on and since you are a PE, you are personally obligated for any errors you make.

To you, knowing precisely how to utilize these computer programs is basic to you doing your job. So when someone offers a preparation program to show you how to utilize your set-up of tools more successfully and precisely, you will in general become exceptionally intrigued.

Camtasia alternatives for Mac & Windows for screen recording

1. Filmora Scrn

filmora scrn

Filmora Scrn. The best screen recorder to catch and alter your videos with powerful features for Windows.

Steady and smooth recording experience. Alter videos with powerful tools in a whole new manner. Simple to learn for beginners.

  • Best multiplatform program
  • Boundless screen recording time
  • Up to 120fps recording
  • Incorporated video editing features
  • Allows to record the screen and the webcam simultaneously
  • Not accessible for mobile gadgets
  • The free version includes a watermark
  • Filmora scrn logo

Filmora Scrn is the top free Camtasia elective because of its powerful screen recording functionalities, productive tools to assist you with editing your videos with so many features like annotations, callouts, content/headers, impacts for a cursor, and numerous others.

One of the best features this software brings to the table is the simultaneous recording of screen and webcam, which is great in the event that you want to utilize this program for Twitch spilling or recording tutorials to post on YouTube.

The stunning 120fps recording rate is ideal for ultrafast online games. Filmora Scrn become more easy if you making videos for Youtube and want to grow fast on Youtube by just making screen recording videos.

2. OBS


OBS Studio is free and open-source software for video recording and lives to gush. The product is totally free, without any limitations.

You can quickly begin recording from numerous sources at once, with a genuinely decent amount of customisation as far as the options you have.

In addition, the application streams with various platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Hitbox, Twitch, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

  • Best open-source program
  • Cross-platform and open-source
  • Free with no shrouded installments
  • Modules that make it much more proficient
  • Allows you to stream to almost all platforms
  • Does not connect to an audio document as a source
  • Compatibility issues with Mac
  • OBS logo

OBS is one of the best open-source Camtasia alternatives that can work on an assortment of platforms. The live broadcast include is incredible for those, who intend to utilize it for video game spilling on Twitch or YouTube.

The designs processor that is utilized by OBS guarantees that your live broadcasting is done at a 60fps rate, which ensures a smooth video without the deferrals.

Additionally, this software allows you to blend audio and video continuously in with superior performance, and furthermore you will enjoy its catch include.

The software comes with a lot of convenient channels that can be utilized with various video sources; these incorporate Chroma key and color key, color correcting modules, covering, and so on.

3. Screencast-O-Matic


A screencast is a digital video recording of your computer screen that normally incorporates some sort of audio narration. You can think about a screencast as to what might be compared to a screenshot. You will notice screencasts are also called screen catch videos or screen recordings.

Screencasts are incredible for educating or sharing thoughts and can be utilized for work or play. On the off chance that you are looking to begin utilizing screencasting at work, attempt to record a webinar, make a brisk how-to video or video tutorial, or send a personalized deals video.

The best part is that these videos advantage both creators and the viewers. The creator can record a process or instruction once and without rehashing themselves.

The viewer also benefits since they can watch the video at whatever point it is most convenient for them. This is particularly useful when you make instructional videos since learning can occur continuously—right when it is required.

  • Simple to-control software
  • Uploading to YouTube is quick and simple
  • User-friendly
  • Sparing videos in various formats is very straightforward
  • Records screen and webcam simultaneously
  • Basic tools for editing
  • Watermark is added when you upload to YouTube
  • Screencast o Matic logo

This Camtasia Studio elective is a Java web-application with a desktop version that can be utilized on Mac or Windows operating frameworks. The primary drawback of this program is that when you use it with the expectation of complimentary you cannot record for longer than 15 minutes.

Furthermore, you cannot change which part of the screen you need to be caught (there are some preset territories and you can only choose from them).

Not only is the PRO version liberated from these limitations, yet it also has the audio recording highlight, some incredible tools for editing your videos, recording of contents,

It allows you to draw and change the scale, give you more time for recording, and, which is important, does not include any watermarks.

4. Monosnap


Monosnap is a free, lightweight screen recorder that is incredible for instructors who do not require a lot of fancy odds and ends. Monosnap also enables viewers or users to host videos on the Monosnap server.

This software can be utilized to catch a chose window or only a little piece of the screen. You can take profit by hotkeys to a customized screen shooting.

  • Best non-conventional interface
  • A solitary application for screenshots and screencasts
  • Simplified, sparing and uploading are instinctive
  • Include annotations in screenshots and video
  • Allows doing voiceover
  • The steep expectation to absorb information
  • No video editing
  • Not accessible for mobile gadgets
  • Monosnap logo

Monosnap is one of the best Camtasia alternatives that are free for non-commercial purposes. Unfortunately, this innovative tool does not allow you to perform video post-production.

With respect to the screen recording highlight, Monosnap lets you do it in a few different ways: recording either a different window, a piece of the screen or the whole screen.

Some other proficient tools and features that Monosnap offers are the multiplier tool (you can utilize it to cause the zone you to have cropped perfectly clear), a hotkey include (this will accelerate the work considerably), cloud storage to spare your documents to, and featuring highlight (you will have a choice between a pen, a shape or can include content

5. Fraps


Fraps is a popular Windows application that can be utilized on any Windows platform for continuous game recording. This specific application can be utilized with games having inbuilt OpenGL and DirectX realistic technology.

As of now, Fraps performs various errands and has been portrayed as a benchmarking software framework.

Fraps is really a screen video recorder with a turn! You cannot utilize Fraps for everyday screen recording purposes, for example, when you need to catch screenshots from a web browser or so. On the other hand, Fraps records screen videos from applications that are utilizing OpenGL or DirectX.

So, on the off chance that you need to record your Gaming experience or something else which is sort of graphical, you will discover Fraps valuable. It can come out with the production of Ultra HD videos at 60 or custom FPS.

  • Best program for Windows users
  • Performance measurements tracker with an element to figure the normal number
  • Resolution of up to 7680×4800
  • Allows you to set interims to catch screenshots
  • Stable framework function
  • Has not been refreshed since 2013
  • The preliminary version limits video length to 30 secs
  • Exceptionally enormous video documents
  • Fraps logo

It offers one of the best-working selections of tools, although this set is not as great as the one Camtasia has. It is for the most part popular among gamers; however, it can also be utilized for making tutorials and video lessons. You can cause videos with amazing quality since Fraps to can support the 7680×4800 resolution with a pace of up to 120fps.

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Use it as a kind of perspective point while messing around to see a definitive number of fps, to be certain that everything works properly.

The free version has a lot of limitations with respect to the video length, watermarks, and so on. Utilising this software, you can make screenshots in PNG, JPG, and TGA formats.

6. Ezvid


Ezvid is another extraordinary free Camtasia Studio elective for simply screen recording. It has a simple to-utilize interface and you can begin recording rapidly. With Ezvid, you can catch ongoing interactions and computer screens. While recording you can utilize accessible tools to draw on the screen.

Other options incorporate including audio narration. As an exceptional mention, Ezvid has a book to the audio synthesizer. Thus, you can convert added content to narrations.

There is no overlay option so you will not have the option to include media in layers. The limitation on record time is 45 minutes which we feel is adequate for most of the purposes. Once attractive editing is done, you can legitimately post the produced video to YouTube.

It is not actually similar to Camtasia however we are remembering it for this rundown as it is extraordinary as a free other option.

  • Best for novices
  • Webcam recording highlight
  • Auto-spare videos
  • Screen catch slideshows
  • Upload legitimately to YouTube
  • The 45-minute constraint of videos
  • Does not allow to spare documents to PC
  • Ezvid logo

As a free option to Camtasia, Ezvid is one of the best and most effortless options. It has a serious straightforward interface, which makes utilizing it exceptionally convenient and effortless.

There are only not many basic editing features, not at all like Camtasia, which incorporates keywords, titles, and descriptions.

You can utilize this software to do recordings for specific regions and spare your videos automatically. Other than that, Ezvid has extraordinary audio features, including voice combinations and recordings.


Camtasia is fabulous for professional video editing. It has lots of features that allow you to make a video that is polished and professional. It also is anything but difficult to learn and user-friendly. In the event that you simply need basic editing, however, there are a lot of free programs that work similarly also.

In this blog post i have covered 6 free software like camtasia you can use to edit your videos and short movies.

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