5 Top Video Editing Tips For Beginners to produce high quality videos Very Easily on PC & Mobile

5 Top Video Editing Tips For Beginners to produce high quality videos Very Easily on PC & Mobile

Creating a professional video takes more than just investing in the right kind of equipment. For a video to attract a lot of eyes, it is paramount to use the tools and tips of editing the video effectively. And the best part is, you can do it all without any additional investment – with everything you own right now to generate an awesome video.

Video Editing tips and tricks

Before going forward, one needs to think carefully about the story that the video is going to project. Its style and overall feel depend on the way you edit your project. It is not compulsory that what works for one video will work for the other one.

However, once you overcome these tricky challenges, you won’t feel severe editing a video.

Here is a list of top video editing tips for beginners that we make the editors go crazy.

1. Mastering the shortcuts

Shortcuts help you save a lot of time and energy. Once an editor masters the science of shortcuts, editing video does seem to be a challenge. The following are the shortcuts one needs to remember for editing the video with utmost ease –

  • J – increases the playback speed
  • L – increases the forward play speed
  • K – Stop playback
  • Left & Right arrow keys: scroll one frame forward and backward
  • + (positive sign) – Zoom in
  • – (Negative sign) – Zoom out
  • S – this aids in automatically trimming of video clips on the timeline.
  • Cmd+N – used for a new sequence
  • Cmd+I – importing media files into videos

2. Including soundtracks and effects

For increasing the speed of your editing journey, learning shortcuts is the only way. Similarly, to give your videos the magnetism of depth and layers, comprehending the science behind soundtracks and effects is paramount.

There is a plethora of free video editing software that provides an excellent list of music and sound effects. The right kind of music can enhance the overall feel of the video. However, it is crucial to pick a soundtrack that blends well with the feel and style of the video.

Remember, music effects are a powerful force that results in achieving a great video.

3. Highlighting the important clippings

Speed ramping is an excellent deal for videos or projects having action scenes. It is the most incredible secret engine of progress when it comes to editing video. Ramping up or down a scene aids in highlighting the motion of clipping in real-time (focusing on slow and fast scenes).

Movies like Inception and Transformers justify this editing tip well. And adding finesse within a sequence is another advantage of this tip. Remember, if you master the science behind ramping, your video can look more realistic.

4. Making the camera your best friend

If you are a part of your videos, then the way you appear can either make or break the essence of your project. Your content and clippings will only stand out if your presence adds nicely to the feel of the video.

Nothing hides from a camera – nervousness, uncomfortableness, and jittery do not add to delivering the message right.

Here is what you need to do to make your video look great especially when your presence is holding the fort:

  • Work on your body posture – According to research, amongst the top five fears of America, oral communication is one. This adds to poor communication, confidence, shyness, and creates an understated personality on the camera. Imagine, from sounds to backdrops everything is impressive, but your presence is killing the essence of the video.
  • A friendly smile goes a long way – The way you begin your video can impact your audience immensely. Just a smile can help you connect with your audience and grab their attention.
  • Enunciation matters – Ensure to explore vertical bodily communication rather than horizontal. Emphasize the parts that are important in the video.
  • Cover the unwanted stuff up – From image to video clippings; there are a lot of elements in the video that make it look lengthy and tedious. You can always use a b-roll and a+b roll to edit the unwanted parts.

5. Unsteady video footage

Unsteady video is a death warrant for any professional project. No matter how good your pieces of equipment are, if the video is shaky, it appears to be a homemade video. Trying using a tripod if holding a camera with bare hands makes the footage look unstable. Once you start shooting, try not to move the camera or yourself.

Use video stabilization software if needed to remove the shakiness from the video. Also, there are a lot of cameras in the market today that comes with a built-in stabilization feature. Apart from this, you can go for different shots from various angles, and then these can be put together.

This video editing guide will help you get more freelance projects that will ultimately help you earn more as a video editor.

6. Keeping the editing process easy

It gets overwhelming while editing the video. There are a lot of effects, features, and elements that an editor can explore to give his video a professional touch. However, going overboard with these can do the opposite.

Just simple editing sometimes works wonders and enhances the overall feel of the video. Here is a list of things you need to take care of during the editing process:

  • Focus on noise cancellation to remove any unwanted background sound
  • The light adjustment intensifies the synergy of the video
  • Trimming unwanted silence and awkward words and voices
  • Adding the right kind of music to the video

Also you can some of the below mentioned best video editing softwares to edit videos professionally:

  1. Camtasia
  2. Invideo
  3. Premier Pro
  4. Filmora
  5. Inshot (On mobile devices)


Editing videos before sharing it online is a crucial first step. If this baby step is done right, it can prove to be extremely advantageous for your brand or channel. However, editing videos with professionalism needs consistency and an in-depth understanding of the editing arena.

By following these video editing tips, you can up the editing game of your future videos. Trying these tips will add to your editing style and will help you save time, energy, and in some cases, money as well.

Your entire journey as a video editor will evolve when you master these tips while taking the editing journey.

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