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5 Best Cloud Storage in India (2024) Compared

best cloud storage in india

Looking for some of the best cloud storage in India to upload your data and also want it to be secure and fast? If yes i am going to share some of my cloud storage websites where you can store your data for nearly for free.

Best Cloud Storage in India

1. PCloud

pcloud storage

PCloud is my first pick for storing my data at super affordable price and love its uploading & downloading speed. earlier i was using google drive however shifted to pCloud and using it for more than a year now.

Pcloud provides 10GB of Free storage and file syncing.

pcloud features

Some Key features you get with PCloud:

  • Access on all platforms
  • Share and collaborate
  • High security
  • So many positive reviews
  • 14 days money back guarantee
  • Secured by 256-bit SSL encrypted
  • File management
  • 30 days thrash history
  • Affordable in segment

Pricing Plan

pcloud pricing

Pcloud offers three major plans:

  1. Individual Plan
  2. Family Plan
  3. Business Plan

Individual plan starts from $49.99 for a year for Premium 500GB storage and 500 GB shared traffic link. Premium Plus 2TB Annual plan starts from $99.99, in this plan you get 2TB storage and 2TB shared link traffic.

pcloud lifetime plans with discount

They also offer Lifetime plans too, for 500GB premium plan Lifetime you just have to pay $199 one time payment, Premium plus 2TB Lifetime plan you just have to pay $399 one time payment, For Ultra 10TB Lifetime plan you just have to pay one time payment of $1190.

In Family plan you can add 4 people and can have 10TB Lifetime storage, you can get this plan with one time payment for just $1499. 2TB family plan starts with one time payment of $595 and can have 5 users. You get 30 days thrash history.

In family plan you can save 33%.

You can have backups from dropbox, facebook, Onedrive, Google drive & google photos.

As i am a creator and i need to share raw files with my editor i am using this storage website for my needs.

You can read some of their reviews below and then signup for pcloud from below button.

pcloud customer reviews

2. Mega

mega cloud storage in india

You have heard of many times about mega from your friend that i am sharing mega link with you. Mega is quite popular website in cloud storage industry.

This is my second choice to store some courses and data as per my need. if your work is heavy and needs to many files and data to transfer at fast speed then you shall use Mega on first choice.

I love that Mega is providing 20GB of FREE storage which is quite better than others.


mega cloud storage indian pricing

Individual plan starts from Rs.450 per month, you can save big on annual and 2TB plan. Pro 1 plan starts from Rs.901 per month, pro 2 starts from Rs.1804 per month where you get 8TB storage and pro 3 plan starts from Rs.2706 per month.

Though in FREE plan mega have some limitations that you can transfer upto 3 GB in 1 hour of time for more data transfer either you need to go with the paid plan (Which is ofcos worth it) or wait for another 3-4 hours to get your transfer limit.

3. Google Drive

google drive cloud storage

Google Drive is no doubt is best and safe cloud storage website that you can get in India however i am personally disappointed with the upload speed and data sharing.

This is good if you are willingly want to use google ecosystem and want to sync your phone or laptop from google drive.


google drive cloud storage pricing

Google drive is free upto 15GB however if you want to use it for your business and want to use all tools and features then you can go with 2TB plan which will cost you around Rs.736 per month.

If you want check available discount the you click on the below button then use this Google Workspace Business Starter discount coupon code: R3WF3WU6JP7KQTJ & use this coupon code: D7AR7LGNTM9H47T to get extra discount on Google Workspace Business Standard plan.

4. Microsoft OneDrive

microsoft onedrive

Another popular free cloud storage in India is Microsoft Onedrive which is ofcos owned by Microsoft and widely used storage website. This is mostly used by businesses and people who majorly use Microsoft ecosystem for work.

This is quite reliable and secure option that you can go with however, you don’t feel it much common if you are not using microsoft services.

If you are someone who can compromise on UI & UX can go with Microsoft onedrive.

5. IceDrive


Icedrive provides you 10GB storage for free and brand themselves as the next generation cloud storage website. They provide you feature to share, showcase & collaborate. It supports webapp, desktop & mobile.

Monthly plan starts for $4.99/month for 100GB cloud storage and they also provides you crypto clinetside encryption. If you are choosing to go with yearly plan then you can save upto 20% on lite plan, 25% on pro 1 plan, 27% on pro 3 plan.

And the best part if you are planning to go for 2 year+ plan then you can save upto 40% on all pricing plans.


These were some of the best cloud storage in India that you can choose according to their need. If you want my pick among these then i will recommend you to go with pCloud which is quite affordable and fast.

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