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How Can You Make Videos A Part Of Your Entire Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel

The decision of a customer to buy your product is nothing less than a journey. Also defined as a sales funnel, it consists of different stages that a potential customer crosses before making a purchase. As a business, when you decide to define your sales funnel, you follow a systemized approach to attracting the right leads.

Videos are a fun, engaging, and interactive way to reach your customers at the different stages of your sales funnel. However, you need to know the type of videos you should be using to make a desirable impact. For that, you need to first identify your customers and their needs.

Identify Your Customers

To begin with, you may want to define the demographics of your loyal customer base. These are the people who end up buying your products and services. After this exercise, try to think of two things – what they need and what do they want?

As you answer these questions, you will be able to make the right videos to build a connection with your customers. However, all your video content will not click with your customers at every stage of the funnel. It is where the knowledge of your sales funnel will make a difference.

What Are The Different Stages In A Sales Funnel?

As a business owner, your focus should be on providing the right experience and services to your customers at every stage. Only then they will move on to the next stage of your sales funnel. There are four stages in the funnel listed down for you below:

  • Awareness – It is the first stage where you need to make your potential customers aware of a problem. As they start researching the possible solutions, you stand out as the solution-provider.
  • Consideration – As the customers become more aware of their problems, they start evaluating their options in the market.
  • Conversion – They realize you offer the best solution and decide to buy your product or service.
  • Loyalty and Advocacy – The customers become your ambassadors and return to you for repeated purchases. Moreover, they also refer your business to others.

How To Use Videos In Your Sales Funnel More Effectively?

For your potential customers, you will have to use different types of videos at distinct stages of the funnel. It will help in growing your business more organically without overt marketing techniques. You can consider Hubspot video if hosting and managing videos is your challenge. 


Your customers have recently identified their problems and are looking for possible solutions. They are still looking at different opportunities to resolve their challenges.

At this stage, your goal is not to sell your product. Instead, you want to educate your potential customers so that they can make the best choice. This way, you will be able to gain their trust and also set yourself apart from your competitors.

At this stage in the sales funnel, your video content should be educational. At the same time, it should be interesting and engaging. You can try to look for answers to these questions if you don’t know how to make your content educational. 

  • What are the challenges your customers could be facing?
  • What will happen if they do not try to fix these challenges?
  • What is the information they will need to understand their problems in more detail?

Explainer videos are your best bet at this stage to attract potential customers. You can also work with brand value videos, inspirational and educational videos.


Now your customers have a fair understanding of their problems and are convinced that they need a suitable solution. It is the stage where they become your leads. Now is the time to introduce your offering without pushing your product onto them.

At this stage, the customers are evaluating their options so that they can make the best decision. They are looking for more inputs to make an informed choice. In all probability, they know about you, but they don’t know you enough.

Consider a scenario where you want to buy a smartphone. You know your options, but you want to know more about their features and price range.

A salesman who tries to push a product is not what you would appreciate at this stage. Instead, you would want to take your time and research your options. Broadly speaking, you want to explore.

To convert your visitors into leads, you would want to add more value to their knowledge. Allow them to see your product demo, testimonial videos to show them what people are saying about you, and comparison videos to gain their confidence. User-generated videos can also work wonders in gaining the confidence of your potential customers.


The videos at this stage should give your leads solid reasons to buy your product or service. Now they know their options and only need to decide.

It is the final stage where they need to understand your product’s benefits over other options. You can also entice them with discounts and offers. However, what may work best is to resolve any doubts that they may have about your product.

To make their decision-making easier, you can show them before-and-after and FAQ videos. You may want to create a list of questions that they may be seeking answers to make the latter kind of videos. You can also email personalised videos so that they can get instant answers.

Loyalty & Advocacy

Congratulations. By now, you would have made a sale. At this point, you want to ensure that your customers become loyal to you and come back to make purchases.

You can ensure this by being prompt with your after-sales service, taking their feedback to improve your services. Once the customers are happy and informed, they will start patronising your products.

At this stage, you can make tips and hacks videos so that they can make the most of your product. Secondly, you can send them the new product and product upgrade videos to apprise them of your latest offerings.


The best way to use videos in your sales funnel is to address your potential customers’ needs at different stages. Once you do that, you will be advance more customers to the bottom of the funnel. To make it more effective, it is advisable to use Hubspot video marketing.

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