Google Gemini Advance Vs ChatGpt Plus Honest Comparison After using it for my Business

If you are confused which AI tool is good and which one is helpful for you to use for your business? Comparing Google Gemini Advance vs ChatGPT plus for you based on my peroxide experience of using both tools.

I will try my best to make your confusion clear and help you in making your decision.

Recently Google announced that they are rebranding bard as Gemini and will be present in the AI market to compete with ChatGPT 4 & CoPilot. However you also know that Google is late in AI market with its products and experimenting with new products like Generative AI & Gemini Advance.

Best thing about Gemini Advance& ChatGPT 4

Google is testing with 2 months of free subscription of Gemini Advance with Google One subscription. That will enable users to test the advance features of Gemini.

Gemini Advance can write Unique content that is controversial if compared to gpt 4.

ChatGPT has already introduced ChatGPT 3.5 version and it’s free for everyone to use like Gemini. However I have tested both on desktop and found GPT 3.5 is way more advanced than Gemini and ChatGPT 4 version is next level advance and gives you super output that I think Gemini Advance is lacking.

Things did not like about Gemini & ChatGPT 3.5

Gemini free version provides you really unexpected results as ChatGPT has already set a bar for us to judge.

In ChatGPT 3.5 you might get repetitive answers that may annoy you if your prompt is not in detail.

Accuracy of Results

Gemini Advance is still new in the game and ChatGPT had already acquired the market and widely used by many.

As per my personal experience i did liked the results of Gemini advance however accuracy and understanding capabilities are good in ChatGPT plus.

Pricing Comparison of ChatGPT 4 vs Gemini Advance

ChatGPT 4 comes with $19.99 per month plan however Gemini advance also comes with $20 plan with 2 months free trial with Google One Subscription.

ChatGPT Plus does not come with free trial however if you want to experience the Plus version you can use Bing’s Copilot and experience the output.


Personally I have used both the Ai tools and ChatGPT 4 is way more advanced and produce really well output and understands your query really well.

Gemini Advance is also good however you can’t compare it directly with GPT 4 as Google is keep improving it and I believe they are on the way to deliver the final product that will directly compete with ChatGPT version 4.

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