Free classifieds post free ad On Most Popular Websites in 2022

Free classifieds post free ad On Most Popular Websites in 2022

In this article, I’m going to tell you about how it is possible to promote your business and sell your product or services online using free classified ad posting websites.

Free classifieds post free ad, now to start this topic. We first need to understand what is a free classified post free ad? And what are free classified websites that let you post free classified ads of your product, services, and businesses without registration?

Classified ad posting is the process of advertising your service or product online to enhance and optimize the traffic on your website. 

This helps you to grow your online business and bring the next level of online business opportunity.

It does sound interesting right? Well, it is in fact interesting, you can really increase the traffic on your website by just posting a free classified ad. 

You just have to know the right place for posting the classified ad of your product or service. And the best thing about post free classified ads are, you can do this all for free.

Yeah, you read it right! There are plenty of websites that let you post free classified ads of your service and product.

In today’s article, we are gonna learn and know about free classified advertisement in detail. We will also discuss how many sites are there in India, and how you can post free classified ads in India without registration. So let’s just get started.

List Of Free Classified Ads Posting Sites Without Registration In India

1. is one of the most trusted brands in India that let you post your free classified ads on their free classified site in India.


 This site was launched on 12 July 2008, its headquarters is in Mumbai, India.

 In just 7 years, it marked its presence in over 900+ cities across India as the most successful classified portal.

 In the year 2071-2018 the company recorded a revenue of more than 1.73 billion.

This free classified advertisement site offers people a favorable platform to help enhance their businesses by providing a free business promotion ad post where they can sell, buy, rent, and find something across 140 categories ranging from mobiles, jobs, real estate, cars, services, electronics, entertainment, furniture, etc.

Alexa Rank in India: 176


2. is the number two free local classified ad portal in India that lets you post free classified advertisements on their website.

The company was founded in March 2006, its headquarters is in New York, US, and today exists in over 106+ countries. India is one of them, where a company is working under the domain OLX is owned by global digital and media company Naspers.

Alexa Rank in India: 86


3. was founded in 2007 and its headquarter is in Mumbai, India.  is a yellow page directory providing free search services all across India, over the telephone, web, mobile, and SMS.

Alexa Rank in India: 511


4. is another very famous place to post free classified ads in India. It was founded by Satya Prabhakar in 1998 who is also the CEO of the company. gets over two hundred million visitors every year.

On an average, more than twenty million people buy services and products through this local Indian website. offers both free as well as a paid advertisement for better business opportunities.

The subdomain of this site offers and provides free local classifieds and forums for jobs, event real estate, business, etc.

 You can even add a business location using google maps so that users may easily find your business location online and can contact you for business and service-related queries.

Alexa Rank in India: 328


5. is a service owned by Greynium Information Technologies Private Limited.

Which came into existence on Jan1, 2006. B.G. Mahesh is the founder and MD of the company. 

Its headquarter lies in Bangalore, Karnataka, and is a well-known site for free listing and classified portals. has a reputation for free classifieds advertisement for jobs, automobiles, real estate, services, travels, education, and many more.

Alexa Rank in India: 7875


6. is a well known global online classified group with categories dedicated to real estate, jobs, vehicles, services, personals, community, pets, etc. 

It was founded in the year 2006, and its headquarter lies in Wiesbaden, Germany. And the founder of this company is Yalwa.

 Locanto classifieds is available in more than 50 countries across the globe, and India is one of them.

Alexa Rank in India: 702


7. is one of the leading and emerging Indian Search Engines in which almost anything from any Indian city can be found with complete information.

 Founded in the year 2009, and its headquarters is in Mohali, Punjab. Anil Kumar Khana is the founder of this company.

 Grotal is currently registered under Moogle Consulting Private  Limited. 

The site physically collects all the data of businesses whether they have a website or not. Grotal provides you with short, accurate, and exact factual data that can be used directly.

Alexa Rank in India: 4250


8. is a website that pioneered Free classified Ads in France, founded in the year 2005 by a French entrepreneur known as Jean Yannick Pons. Its headquarters is in France.

The site operates across Europe, Latin America, North America, North Africa, and Australia- in a total of 19 countries across the world including India.

Alexa Rank in India: 5929


9. was founded by Jagran Prakashan limited in the year 2005, and its headquarter is in Mumbai.

India’s leading media and communications group, with its main interests across magazines, newspapers, Internet, Outdoor, etc.

Alexa Rank in India: 19350


10. was founded in the year 2008 by India List Private Limited. 

Its headquarter is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. offers local classified ad posting services including free search services that enable its users to locate and view classified ads online.

You can find diverse fields ranging from beauty and domestic services to pets and pet care and tour, travel, and transport, the site also includes a provision for regional specific ad placements.

Alexa Global Rank:



If you are looking for a portal to post free classified ads for foreign clients, then this is the best choice you have. offers its services in over 500 cities over 197 countries. on average currently has more than 2.5 million active users globally. provides a wide range of categories that include goods, jobs, and accommodation.

Alexa Rank Global: 14.3k


12. Adeex

Adeex was launched and introduced to India in the year 2005 and in the month of October. Adeex not only lets you post free classified ads but it also lets you create responsive ads for your business, services, and products.


Alexa Rank in India: 2595


13. Ind Ads

Ind ads is another popular free classified ads portal and just like the above websites you can post and create suitable ads and post them here. This site is well known for free classified advertisements like buying and selling items, real estate, jobs, and education, etc.

Ind Ads

Alexa Rank in India: 2732


14. Classified 4 Me

Classifieds4me was introduced and launched in 2006. This site’s user-friendly interface provides a great and easy free ad posting experience in comparison to other free ad posting portals.

Classified 4 Me

On classified4me  you can sell and buy apartments, villas, cars, houses, trucks, etc.

Alexa Rank in India: 2803


15. was introduced in the year 2010. It is one of the leading and fast-emerging free classified ads portals in India. has a unique inbuilt feature that lets you post up to ten different pictures of the product you are selling.

This website is aesthetic and has a user-friendly interface that is easy to operate and gives you the best free classified ad posting experience.

Alexa Rank in India: 56,911



Where can I post classified ads for free?

There are plenty of websites and portals that you can use to post classified ads for free. Above is a detailed list of some of the best and most trusted websites that let you post free classified ads for your business, services, and products. You can choose any of the sites that suit your requirements.

Where can I post my business ads for free?

As I mentioned above there are plenty of portals that you can use to post free ads for your business like google my business, bing, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and many more. You can also use any of the above websites to post free ads for your business.

How can I post a free ad on OLX?

Posting free classified ads on Olx is quite easy. Suppose you want to sell your old bike. Just visit and click on boost a free ad.

Then select the category of your item or product and then provide detailed information about your product ad. 

After that provide the title of your product and upload some of the pictures of your item or product. Do not forget to provide your contact information and you are all set. Your ad is posted.

Where can I post free ads in India?

In the above article, I’ve provided a detailed list of where and how you can post free ads in India. Just read the article and if you still have any doubts just let me know in the comment section.


Above we discussed some of the best and most trusted free classified sites in India. But there are thousands of websites and portals that you can use to post free classified advertisements of your product and services. I hope you find this article helpful, and if you have any doubt related to the context of this article, you can comment in the comment section,  and I’ll be happy to solve your queries regarding free classified ads.

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