Dropispy and Minea: Similarities and Differences in 2024

Dropispy and Minea: Similarities and Differences in 2024

Over the last few years, e-commerce has experienced a steady increase in competition. Due to high competition, keeping ahead of other drop shippers and online retailers requires constant effort, new marketing strategies, and a wide range of trendy products. 

At this point, tools like Dropispy and Minea come into play. These tools provide detailed ad data and other e-commerce statistics, enabling you to strategise more effectively.

Despite their similarities, each has its interface and features. So, which one is better, Dropispy or Minea? Here in this article, you will know the similarities and differences of both tools to help you decide which tool is better.

Similarities Between Dropispy & Minea

The following are some of Dropispy’s most prominent similarities with Minea.


Advanced Search & Filtering

One of the prime similarities between Dropispy and Minea is their advanced search and filtering option. Using this feature, you can find highly targeted ads based on your niche and preferences.

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Most importantly, dropshipping projects cannot be successful without adequate information. With Dropispy and Minea, you can access a wide range of databases for your research. This way, you’ll be able to identify what’s trendy and not.

Furthermore, you can refine your search results by using search filters offered by Dropispy and Minea. Doing this will make it easier for you to find the information you want.


Overall, the advanced search and filtering feature of both Dropispy and Minea is quite similar. Both the tools allow you to search results by keywords, date, country, language, age, etc.

Ads Database & Reach

Each tool has a vast database containing data from around the globe. The Dropispy database contains more than fifty million ads focused on E-Commerce, and it continues to grow daily, with a thousand new ads added daily.

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Similarly, Minea has become a top source for finding trendy products. It analyzes 70+ million ads on social networks daily, enabling users to access a variety of marketing strategies. So, overall, Both Minea and Dropispy are worth trying in terms of database and reach.

Shop Spy Feature

Another great feature that you will find in both tools is the Shop Spy option. With this feature, you can spy on your competitors, learn about their products, and observe their marketing tactics.

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Doing so will make it easy to look at your competitors’ activities and gain insight into their strategies. If you need to start immediately, copy the exact advertisement and paste it into your account wherever you have the same product.

Both Dropispy and Minea offer similar options with their Shop Spy feature. Both tools allow users to search shops by category and look up their Alexa ranking to determine how well they are performing. 

You get more than just data from this Shop Spy option. You can learn more about your competitor’s techniques or gain firsthand knowledge quickly.

Differences Between Dropispy & Minea

The following are the principal differences between Dropispy and Minea.

Advertising Channels

Instead of analyzing ads on multiple social media platforms, Dropispy analyzes only those on Facebook. With this tool, you can determine which Facebook ads are the most effective and targeted based on brand names.

On the other hand, Minea analyzes ads from Pinterest, TikTok, and more, not just Facebook. You will be able to find the most popular products across all social media channels thanks to the ability to analyze multichannel advertising.

Therefore, it is better to use Minea if you want to discover trendy products from all the popular social media channels. However, if you are only interested in analyzing Facebook ads, use Dropispy as it offers an extensive database.


Dropispy and Minea have different pricing models. You can use Dropispy for free if you subscribe to the €0 plan, but with limited functionalities. There are several features you can use with some restrictions.

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Such a plan does not allow you to use specific filters. In this plan, you cannot view the ads from the past two months. However, when you opt for the Premium plan, you will have access to all the features, including advanced filters and Shop Spy.

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You will also receive some “credits” based on whether you chose the monthly or annual plans for Dropispy. Each month, you receive 150,000 credits after you select the Premium plan.

With that many credits, you’ll be able to conduct all the research you want. The credit system does not prohibit you from researching as you wish. The only reason Dropispy needs a credit system is that some people abuse the tool.

Dropispy added the credit system, so they could prevent users from sharing and reselling their accounts. Like Dropispy, Minea offers a free Lite plan with limited options.

With Minea Lite, you can even use the advanced filter that isn’t available in Dropispy’s free version. Minea, however, only offers 250 credits with this plan, which is quite low compared to Dropispy.

If you want more credits, you can prefer a Starter or a Premium plan, costing €49 and €99 per month, respectively. Despite offering 10 thousand credits, the Starter plan only allows you to analyze Facebook ads.

On the other hand, a Premium plan offers users access to Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest ads along with 100 000 credits. Overall, Dropispy is much cheaper than Minea.


There are strengths and weaknesses to Dropispy and Minea. Dropispy and Minea can be valuable tools for boosting conversions and expanding your business. You only need to figure out what you need and choose one that will fulfill it.

Dropispy is an excellent tool for insights into dropshipping ads, trendy products, and e-commerce stores. In contrast, Minea may be a better choice if you’re looking for advertising data from multiple social media for your business.

Minea analyzes ads on Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, and more. It will allow you to find the most popular products across all social media platforms. Dropispy, on the other hand, analyzes only Facebook ads.

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