7+ Best AI Tools Like ChatGPT in 2024 | chatgpt alternatives [Free & Paid] Updated

7+ Best AI Tools Like ChatGPT in 2024 | chatgpt alternatives [Free & Paid] Updated

Chatgpt is rocking all over the Internet and no.1 tool in Artificial Intelligence Industry followed by Google Gemini as of now. If you are seriously looking for some of the best ai tools like chatgpt then you are at right page, i am going to list 5 best recommendations from my research for you.

Let’s find out best chatgpt alternatives that can blow your mind.

7 Best AI Tools Like ChatGPT (Chatgpt Alternatives)

Ai is revolutionising the internet world with its power and capabilities and making human life more easy. AI is now more powerful than a human mind and this growing on a scale. And With this most advance technology AI can make your life more easy and cost effective.

Let’s find my top Ai tool picks for you.

1. ChatSonic – WriterSonic

Chatsonic is one of the best chatGPT alternative ai tool that you should look after and use in your daily life. This tool is a conversational AI chatbot developed using ChatGPT limitations in mind.

chatsonic chatgpt alternative

According to thier team its more powerful then chatgpt. By using this tool you can Write Factual Trending Content, Generate AI Art, Personality Avatars, Write anywhere and everywhere, Voice command your way.

Easily accessible using your android smartphones or iphones. Anyone can integrate chatsonic with their Easy API Access.

You can also use this ai tool to write long form blog post, emails and social media content.

2. Jasper AI

Jasper ai

This is one of my favorite tool for creating AI written content and using this tool for my current content requirements you can check out jasper Review here.

I write all my blog posts, emails & social media content using this tool. You should consider using this tool if you are serious about your content writing and want human written like content.

3. DeepL Write

DeepL Write Ai chat tool

Consider DeepLwrite as your another chatGPT alternative and your writing companion. With this tool you can Fix grammar and punctuation mistakes, Choose your tone of voice, Be creative and rephrase entire sentences, Express nuances through Write suggestions.

Anyone can use DeepL write on their android phones, iphone, ipad, Mac, windows, chrome extension, edge extension. This tool comes with freemium access.

You can can use this tool for free with limited features and they also have their paid version with the name DeepL Write Pro. However their pro version is not available in all countries and they are working on it.

4. Sparrow AI

sparrow ai

Sparrow AI no code AI accessible software used in medical industry to Automate the Full SDLC, QMS From the Source, Zero-Defect Solutions in solving medical problem with the help of AI.

Sparrow is powered by S+ LANG and can help in any type of product development keeping the customer at the centre.

5. Character AI

character ai

One of the best AI tool and tool similar to chatgpt. Character Ai has the power to create characters, plan your trip, write story, brainstorm ideas, play a game, get book recommendations, etc.


Quora recently launched their AI Tool POE for public use. It is  AI-powered chatbot that works like ChatGPT. By using this chatbot tool people can ask questions and use this tool to get answers instantly.

This tool was lastly announced in December 2022 and POE stands for Platform for Open Explorations” .

ios users can use this tool on their iPhone & ipads.

7. Google BARD (Gemini Advance)

Google introduced their Ai Chat tool BARD powered by our Language Model for Dialogue Applications. Sundar Pichai CEO of Google announced about this tool via a blog post and soon it will be accessible to the people to use.

This can be a free alternative to chatgpt but not the best.

According to their blog post their BARD will be synced to all Google products. Personally if you ask i don’t like Bard and i think i can’t stay in the competition and this tool is developed in hurry by Google Developers just to compete with ChatGPT 4 & its latest versions.

It will be interesting to see all these tools that will solve our problems that we face in daly lives. Microsoft is also planning to integrate ChatGPT with Bing & Edge.

Google has rebranded the tool by the name Google Gemini where they are also offering you subscription like ChGPT Plus for $20 per month. You can check my recent comparison between Google Gemini Advance vs ChatGPT Plus.


So guys these were some of the best AI chatbot tools that are alternate tools to chatgpt will make your life easy. If you are confused which one to choose among these then let me tell you, it depends on your usecase.

I personally use ChatSonic & Copy.ai.

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