5 Best Network marketing Companies in India [MLM Companies] 2024

5 Best Network marketing Companies in India [MLM Companies] 2024

If you are searching for best network marketing companies in India then be i am going to share 5 best MLM companies in India. These companies are doing really great in direct selling industry and got many achievements and recognition.

Network marketing is an evergreen business model in which people itself joins and promote your products to their connected networks, in other words you can say direct selling. This is the oldest form of marketing opted by many brands in India. If you search on google then you can get more than 50+ companies working in network marketing industry for more than a decade.

Top Network Marketing Companies in India

Among those we are going to talk about 5 best MLM companies that you should consider joining.

1. Vestige

Vestige Logo

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd is a network marketing company in India that started in 2004 dealing in health care products. Vestige is growing very rapidly every year.

Vestige recorded $302 million sales in the year 2019 that is appreciable. Vestige has been featured on DSN Global only Indian direct selling company to get listing in 2020 DSN 100 global list you can check here.

They offers 10 ways to make money with vestige:

  • Saving on Consumption
  • Accumlative performance bonus
  • Bronze direct bonus
  • Team building fund
  • Business Building
  • Leadership Overriding fund
  • Travel Fund
  • Car Fund
  • House Fund
  • Elite Club bonus

2. Amway

Amway logo

Amway is second largest mlm and direct selling company in India however they are Operating internationally too. Providing super quality products in healthcare and personal care industry making Amway a leader in the Network marketing Industry.

In India they have more than 150+ Workplaces, Amway is doing too much for India in Network marketing industry. They are among top 10 global leaders in Direct selling category. Amway is selling more than 140 World class categories in India.

3. Modicare

modicare logo

Modicare is one of the fastest growing MLM company in India founded by Sameer Modi. They are dealing in skincare, personal care, home care & wellness industry.

Modicare established on 30th March 1996.

They are different from other Network marketing companies because of their AZADI Plan.

If you are a Modicare Consultant you get rewarded with power seller bonus that can be between 5-20% also depending on the Business Volume.

Best part about Modicare is you get Accumulative Performance Bonus that comes in between 7%- 22%.

In direct bonus you get 14% & in Leadership Productivity Bonus you get 15%. All depends on how much business you are getting for the company.

4. Herballife

herbal life mlm company

Herbal Nutrition is international Network marketing company also operates in India started in 1980s, They sell dietary enhancements & health care routine items all over the globe.

Products sold be Herballife are sold by companies associates not on local or online stores. They majorly deal in nutritions, weight reduction, protein shakes/bars, etc. If you join Herballife as an associate you gets 25% discount on their products.

This is one of the well renowned MLM company in India and world.

5. Oriflame

oriflame cosmetics

You have heard this name Oriflame they are swedish beauty company working in India for long time and creating a revolution in network marketing industry.

Best thing about this company is you need not to purchase products Oriflame products from any vendor or associates you can directly purchase products from thier website onlline.

You can join Oriflame as an advisor and start purchasing products however if you join as a VIP customer then you get discounts on their products from 20% to 40% and can sell thier products on high MRPs.


Friends these are some best direct selling companies in India in 2024. Among these if you are confused which one to choose then i recommend you to go with Amway or Vestige as both are most trusted and popular mlm company in India and all across the globe.

You can also compare ratings of these brands on Google Map and Trust Pilot. Also note that some new mlm companies can scam you in multiple ways to be aware of that and choose any brand after your research.

Being a selfaware consumer you can make yourself safe from MLM frauds if you want to know or report any problems related to MLM you can Click here and report.

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