YouTube Business Mastery

  1. Are you looking for an extra income source to add in your income list? 
  2. Want to Live Boss Free Life?
  3. Not Satisfied with your current job, want to do something New?
  4. You have potential but don’t know how to proceed or what to do?
  5. Want to grow your existing business with the help of Youtube?
  6. Not clear about your future goals?
  7. You are a housewife and you have lots of Free time to be utilized?
  8. Want to become famous?

If your answer is Yes for above-listed questions then, I want to tell you, there is a huge opportunity and you are missing that, Why not start a Youtube channel and earn your living?

It sounds very easy to start a Youtube channel and keep posting videos, you might be lucky that some of your videos get views and subscribers, however, that will not be permanent, I will guide you based on my experiences, what works or what not.

I am earning more than $149+ every month from a single viral video till today. all my videos are making money for me, even i have published them 2 years before. I have posted more than 320+ Videos in 2.5 years.

I am not dependent on Adsense, I have built passive income sources through my Youtube channel & videos content.

Take action, add some extra sources of income in your life.

What you will get in the Program?

  1. How to Start and Grow Your Online Business with the help of videos.
  2. Hacks to grow on Youtube Organically and convert more clients even if you have less than 1000 subscribers.(Personal secret Tips)
  3. All my personal strategies I use to Build and sustain my online Business.
  4. From Youtube Channel Basic setup to Pro level hacks.
  5. How to Earn on Youtube.
  6. How to build a career on Youtube.
  7. How to do youtube while doing your job (Personal tips).
  8. Youtube Marketing & SEO
  9. How to Deal With Brands and pitching strategies with my (live Emails and past discussions)
  10. 10+ ways to monetize your video content.
  11. Tools you can use for video content.
  12. How to make engaging videos.
  13. How Youtube Algorithm works.
  14. How to get more views without showing your face.

Many strategies I have not listed above for copy cats, which I use to maximize my earnings, those strategies i will tell you in the program, I will show you step by step process.

If you want to create multiple earning sources then you should enroll in the program, I am ensuring you won’t regret.

Sessions will be in-depth based on my marketing experiences.

When this program is Going to Start?

My next batch is starting from 21st of May (Limited Seats)

Where this program will happen?

I will host this program on Zoom(It is a web-based tool which you can use on desktop or smartphone) and you will get recorded Videos if in case you missed the session.

Why this program is Paid?

I want you to take it seriously as people don’t give value to Free Stuff. The value I am going to provide you in the session is way more than what you are paying for the enrollment, I am charging Rs.4999 for the whole program, however, You can enroll in this program in just Rs.1499 as this is launch price. I am going to increase the price after launch duration ends.

Don’t miss the chance if you are serious about building your own brand with the help of Youtube.

What will be the duration of the Program?

The program will be of 30 Sessions. I will conduct sessions at 7:30 PM, for 30 days, those who will miss the sessions will get recorded sessions on their emails and in private Facebook Group of Youtube Business Mastery. The best part of this program is you can ask your questions Live with me.

I will conduct extra bonus sessions for you guys other than youtube that will focus only on Building your brand from Scratch.

Enroll now for ₹1499

Exclusive Bonus:

  1. Email Marketing (Full Process with Live Examples)
  2. Affiliate Marketing (How I do and promote my products online)
  3. Personal Branding (Strategies I use in-depth session)
  4. Free Access to my Whatsapp Group for Support.

If in case you are not satisfied with the knowledge you can ask for a full refund without any questions because I want serious people to get on board for the program.

And the super best part of this program is this will be majorly in HINDI language for better understanding.

You can Visit my Youtube Channel Here