What Is Email Marketing? Why To Do, Reason Behind & How To Do

Email Marketing?

What is this crap Email Marketing, Why to do email marketing, the reason behind doing, How to do?

What is Email Marketing?

So, friends, email marketing is a process of marketing any products, service, brand etc through emails. Simple and sober right?

Yes, email marketing can get you which you have never imagined. Mostly all Digital Marketers and online influencers use email marketing as their tool to grow their business.

In the process of email marketing, people use paid ads to generate leads and uses some automation software to shoot emails.

While the process is going the influencer send emails occasionally to nurture the prospect. Tells him about their brand, product or service.

Have you also experienced promotional emails? isn’t it?

Yes according to critics everyone receives 30% marketing & promotional emails in their inbox daily.

Why is email marketing in trend?

how to do email marketing

Email marketing is the cheapest way to grow your business and money as well. Paid ads are becoming more expensive as time is driving forward.

Email marketing gives you the freedom to capture emails and nurture them to increase in conversions.

Marketers capture emails by placing paid ads on Google and Facebook.

are you thinking only placing ads can help you work done so you are wrong Ads with strategy can help you capture leads.

Webinars, Live conference, Email capturing banners, funnels, and many more ways help to capture Leads.

Mostly used tools for capturing Leads?

    • Leading by Hubspot
    • Hello Bar
    • Lead Generation Cards
    • Boxzilla (formerly Scroll-Triggered Pop-up)
    • OptinMonster
    • Sumo Etc

These above tools can be used for capturing leads. Their are so many types of leads Buring Leads, Cold Leads etc.

Buring leads are those leads who are on the boundary to fall into your basket means they are ready to convert into sales.

Most Marketers uses the following approach to send the email chain:

 Day 1: Nurture

 Day 3: Nurture

 Day 5: Nurture

 Day 7: Nurture

 Day 8: Promotional+Nurturing

 Day 10: Create Urgency

 Day 12: Promotional+Nurturing

Day 15: Create Urgency

Day 18: Follow Ups

Day 22: Create Urgency+Nurturing

Day 24: Sale  occur(approx)

So, friends, these are some basic nurturing techniques a normal marketer uses to market products, services, and brand.

But with email marketing, You can email them, again and again, populate your positivity and let them aware of your brand and products.

for example, if you buy a domain name from any company then after buying a domain name you keep on receiving promotional emails from them.

You keep on getting awareness emails for their other products like hosting, SSL etc.

So Big and small business uses email marketing to grow their graph.

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How automation email works here?

Automation emails are configured so that after subscribing to any blog or any activity done by you can be tracked and help you in their touch.

Some email automation tools are used to configure email autoresponders.


  1. Drip
  2. MailChimp
  3. Sand Lane
  4. Convertkit
  5. Aweber

These are some famous autoresponders used to send emails to any number of subscribers.

For capturing emails, marketers build Landing pages to capture information of leads and promote the sales they use some landing page builders Like: Clickfunnel, Leadpages etc.

Above all the conclusion, Email marketing is the best-proved method to increase sales, brand awareness, reach and traffic to any website.

Who can try email marketing?

Anyone in this world can try email marketing. If you are a student or learning how to grow your brand then this will be your best practice to move forward.

A message who all are going to opt for email marketing, If Emails or leads are classified as per niche then it is easier to sell anything.

So capture the niche-based audience.

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Learn email marketing and practice placing ads and capturing leads.


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