How to Start a Blog in 2018 – A Beginners Guide

Do You Want to Start a Blog in 2018?

If yes, then you are at right place! Just read the full articles and I will teach you step by step guide to start a blog in 2018 and I’ll also give you some handsome advice at the end of the article so you can boost your blog traffic and search engine ranking.

You probably know “What is Blog” but if you don’t then In Short, Blog is the way to express your idea or feelings to your audience. It is an Online Journal where entries are posted.

The Person who writes a Blog is called Bloggers and a person the whole process is called Blogging.

Nowadays, if you don’t know any programming language then there is No Problem, you can always Start a Blog because without learning any programming.

Here is the Proper Requirement to Start a Blog.

Now after reading the above articles you are all set to start your Blog in 2018.

Which is the Best Blogging Platform?

There are many blogging platforms but the two major blogging platforms are Blogger and WordPress. Blogger is Free whereas WordPress is Paid. There is lots of confusion about which to choose.

There are different Pros and Cons of both Blogger and WordPress,

Advantages of Blogger Platform?

There are lots of advantages of if you are beginners. Google Officials Webmaster Youtube Channel Confirms that blog on does very well in terms of ranking and no one can hack it because it is in the cloud and secured by

More Advantages of Blogger!

• Easy to Use for Beginners

• Lots of HTML/CSS Plugin Available

• 100% FREE

• SEO Optimized

Advantages of WordPress Platforms?

WordPress powers 28% of the Web. There are lots of mindblowing plugins available for WordPress which makes your work a lot more easier. There are lots of case in which WordPress blogs are getting hacked but if you take right security measures then no one going to hack it.

More Advantages of WordPress!

• Professional Themes

• SEO Optimized

• Professional Plugins

• Value for Money

Is WordPress or Blogger better for SEO?

I Want to clear your doubts regarding SEO and lots of users ask the question that which is more SEO optimize? WordPress or Blogger?

As I mentioned earlier that Google Webmaster Youtube Channel already declare that Both are Good for SEO. The main factor is your budget and level.

If your budget is good and want professional work the go for WordPress and if your budget is ZERO and want simple blogging then go for blogger.

If you are on blogger platform then you can start your free blog and start posting, stick to the end of the article to get some advice to write an article.

If you have chosen WordPress then you have to buy a domain name and hosting.

Buying Domain Name and Hosting to Start a WordPress Blog!

Now you need to create a domain name for your dream blog and also need a hosting to host your images and videos, I recommend to [eafl id=”583″ name=”Bluehost affiliate” text=”buy a domain name and hosting from Bluehost”].

• Read – What is Webhosting and Types of Webhosting

With [eafl id=”583″ name=”Bluehost affiliate” text=”Bluehost”], you can Install WordPress in 1 Click, so it will become super easy for you.

Here is Tutorial on “How to buy a Domain and Hosting With Bluehost”

So, after you have installed WordPress, you can always log in with the URL

Well done! You have started your Blogging Career in 2018.

How to SEO Optimize your Blog?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) must be done to rank your articles to the top of the google. If you are the blogger or on WordPress, it is mandatory to Submit and Verify your Site in Google Search Console.

Just visit google search console page and click “Add a Property”, now add your website and verify it with preferred methods. If you are facing problem in Verification then you can search “How to Verify WordPress/Blogger Website in Google Search Console” and you will get the solution.

Now, click on Add/Test Sitemap Button to add a sitemap, to learn how to create sitemap for WordPress click here and to learn how to create a sitemap for blogger click here.

After you have learned how to create the sitemap, implement it and click on submit button.

Basically, you have to create a sitemap for your blog.

Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Blog?

On WordPress, SEO is super simple, just add a plugin called Yoast SEO and then done! While writing article follow the instruction carefully and make sure your SEO score is Good while Writing.

Search Engine Optimization for Blogger Blog?

SEO is also simple in Blogger, just follow the steps.

1- Navigate to Blogger Dashboard >> Settings >> Basic and enter your Blog Title and Description.

2- Now in the Same TAB go to Search Preferences and enter your Blog Description Again and that’s sit.

Let’s learn How to Write a Blog for Beginners,

How to Write a Blog?

Now, you have to learn “How to Write a Blog“, both blogger and WordPress gives you a text editor to write your blog so these tips will work on both platform.

Beginners Guide to Write a Blog!

• Write More than 2,000+ Words so that it Index Well in the Search Engines.

• Format your Articles – Use Bold, Italics and Underlines to Make your Articles Look Beautiful.

• Write No more than 4 lines in a Paragraph (No one Want to Read 6 Line Paragraph)

• Write Detailed Post, Google-like Details

• Reply to Every Comment which is Commented by the Users

• Don’t fake your readers by Using Fake Titles

• Use Subheading on your Blog

• Use valuable Sources on your Blog, eg. Wikipedia gives too many sources and ranks on the first page.

So, this is all about writing a blog for the beginners, if you want more handsome tips then comment your queries.

How to Earn Money with your Blog?

There are various sources that you can make money with your blog, below I’ve mentioned some earning sources from your blog.

1. Google Adsense

Google adsense is used by millions of users daily and you can also use it to make money, below is the basic requirement that google adsense want.

• Your Site Must Have 30-40 Quality Articles

• Your Site Must not be Illegal like – downloading free music

• Your Site Must have Contact Us, Disclaimer, About Us and Privacy Policy Page, this lets google knows that you are a serious blogger and want to do blogging seriously.

So, these are the basic and major requirement, there are many more terms and conditions that you have to agree.

2. Adsense Alternatives

There are many google adsense alternatives like, infolinks etc, if you are not getting approved by google adsense then you can try because pays never less than google adsense.

There are many more google adsense alternatives like

• HilltopAds


• Infolinks

• Bidvertisers

• and many more

3. Affiliate Marketing

If you are serious about making money then nothing is better than affiliate marketing, I know many people that earn lots of money with affiliate marketing.

If you are a reviewer in tech niches than you can review a product and then at end of the article you can drop your affiliate links to buy it from Amazon, Flipkart or any place.

If you are under beauty niches then you can again review the products and drop your links at the end of the articles.

All you need to rank well in google to make income with affiliate marketing.

My Tips to Rank your Affiliate Products on Google Search Ranking Page!

• You Article Must be Long more than 2,000 words

• You Can Guest Post on Any Other Sites to Get Traffic and Backlinks

• Your article must be Real, not a fake one because Google can easily determine fake articles

• Try reviewing products which have great demand but remember that, it must not be reviewed by so many people.

• Use to rank for Long Tail Keywords (Because Longtail Keywords have Less Competition)

4. Sponsorships

If your blog will be so Popular then you will get descent sponsorships emails from companies. This is a great way to earn money online.

But before Taking Sponsorships, Keep these things in Mind!

• You Must Test the Products/Website

• The Products Must Not be Illegal in your Country

• The Products must be Good for your Audience Type

What to do After Checking?

• If Product is good for your Audience then you can take the sponsorship.

• If you were forced, then you must quickly reject the proposal or do not reply to that kind of emails, Be Professional

• Take a good charge for your Sponsorship, take estimate of your traffic and social media followers

• And Most Important, do not full your Blog with Sponsored Content


I think Blogging is a profitable business, this is the real way to earn lots of money, here is the Quick Recap that what you’ve learned.

You’ve learned,

• How to Start a Blog in 2018

• How to Do SEO on your Blog

• How to Write a Blog

• How to Make Money with your Blog

I think this articles on How to Start a Blog in 2018 help you to reach a way closer to your dream.

Blogging is the most recommended ways and experts also recommend to do blogging and earn money. I think it is the best way to make money online because it includes affiliate marketing, google adsense and sponsorships.

Also Read – 5 Ways to get Quality Backlinks to your Blog

If you have any queries then don’t forget to leave a comment.

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