Why You Should Go With PaidBoom Hosting? (Unbiased Review)

Why You Should Go With PaidBoom Hosting? (Unbiased Review)

Tryootech is hosted on Paidboom Managed WordPress hosting and is one of the best hostings in India recommended by Tryootech at an affordable price, “I have tested the servers and speed of their hosting” – Amit Mishra.

Paidboom hosting

Why should you go with Paidboom Hosting?

Looking for web hosting services that would boost your business and business revenue? you’re at the right place.  here in this article, I’m writing an article on Paidboom and how we’re hosting our website on Paidboom cloud servers at Tryootech.

What makes Paidboom the #1 choice for businesses?

Planning to deploy your business on the internet? You’re looking for some affordable and feature-rich web hosting service, right? Paidboom Hosting got you covered with excellent support and snappy web hosting. And trust me, you won’t get such an exceptional experience with any other web hosting service.

Paidboom aims to make web hosting services accessible to non-tech-savvy clients. Don’t get yourself tangled into the complexities of programming as I did. Instead, design your website with the drag-and-drop method, or migrate your existing website. You can feel safe at home with Paidboom Hosting.

Over the years, Paidboom clients, including me, have appreciated the simplicity and robust security of their industry-leading hosting services. Paidboom servers are SSD based only, and this allows faster transfers, lower latency, and over-all snappy experience. And as a cherry on top, Paidboom also offers a free SSL certificate.

Check out Paidboom’s amazing services and affordable pricing.

Uptime that guarantees online business running without any interruption:

Paidboom is an award-winning web hosting company that guarantees the industry’s highest level of uptime. In fact, by going through their status link(monitor.paidboom.com) you can track or keep an eye on the Paidboom server uptime.

Paidboom hosting uptime report

For whom Paidboom Hosting is for?

Small businesses: For local & small businesses, there are excellent opportunities for developing their online presence. Many businesses are making an online approach towards their customer, and you can enjoy precisely the same by choosing Paidboom.

Businesses with high traffic: If your business involves high traffic and your existing provider isn’t meeting the goals, then simply migrate to Paidboom. Paidboom’s enterprise SSD storage, industrial hardware ensure maximum performance and reliability.

Bloggers: Starting a blogging career by creating your personalized website was never so easy. You can choose their cheapest plans, starting at ₹199/m and kickstart your blogging. If you desire, you can also upgrade your plans as per requirement.

How is Paidboom Hosting different than other hosting providers?

Here are some exciting bells and whistles of Paidboom Hosting, that keeps it marginally ahead of the competition.

1. Lightning fast and SSD based Cloud Servers.

Paidboom Hosting servers are built with enterprise-grade SSD storage and powered by industrial computing hardware. This means you’ll be getting a fast and snappy surfing experience. Oh, did I tell you that Paidboom servers are located in India, UK, US? This increases the level of performance for websites.

2. Fast customer support via multiple channels.

Paidboom Hosting offers unlimited customer support within an hour ticket response time. This translates to quick human responses within an hour. With Paidboom, you don’t need to wait for getting your problems resolved. Moreover, Paidboom also offers customer and technical support over WhatsApp.

3. Affordable pricing starting at 199/m.

The basic plan of Paidboom Hosting comes at just ₹199/m. Every hosting plan is marginally affordable compared to the industry and other web hosting services. The plans feature include Cloudflare setup, CPanel, multiple add-ons so that clients can effortlessly run business.

4. No hidden charges on hosting renewals.

Payments and renewal charges are entirely transparent with Paidboom. Many bluffing web hosting services increase the renewal charges, but Paidboom keeps them the same as the first payments. Moreover, you can also try Paidboom’s basic tier free for one month and help yourself make a better decision.

Check out Paidboom’s amazing services and affordable pricing.

Wrapping Up

I guess this level of feature-richness is enough for choosing Paidboom as your primary hosting service. At ₹199/m, there’s arguably no other hosting service that offers SSD storage, free SSL certificate, unlimited customer support, and lighting-fast servers.

This marks the end for our walkthrough, slash review for one of the leading web hosting services, Paidboom. it is the best cheap hosting in India. Thanks for reading our review, and we’ll catch you guys in the next one.

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