Email Marketing is the Best Marketing Tool To Skyrocket Sales

Look, we are in the world of Marketing, automation, digital hap-hazard. Today I am going to tell you about ‘How Email Marketing can skyrocket your sales with only one click.

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basically, email marketing is the powerful tool to skyrocket your sales, affiliate commisions and helps in building your business.

Quick history of Email Marketing

If I talk about how it started so In 1978 Gary Thuerk of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) send his first mass email campaign. This email campaign results in $13 million worth of sales in DEC products. From then this method of promoting products went viral and everyone was learning how to send bulk emails and how to run a successful email campaign.

  • It is legal to send emails in bulk to those who have given permission to you or subscribed your newsletter. In some countries like Australia, Canada, European Union, United States you need special permissions to send bulk emails to your subscribers.

Catch: Nowadays most businesses run a service known as Opt-in email advertising. By this, they generate opt-in leads for their respective business and convert them into buying customers.

The secret sauce behind Bulk Emails

As this trend comes into picture, marketers around the world prepared themselves for the mega competition of marketing online with the help of emails.

Do you know if we calculate the exact value of a single email address of your subscriber then according to one survey it worths near about $41 in total.

  • Bitter truth: No one can build huge email list within one month or two, it takes time, patience and persistence to build a loyal and active user base.

I would like to share some small stories which will clear your concept and you will feel confident enough to move on and start learning about email engineering.

Email Engineering- An email story

How people grow their business in different fields. How bloggers can be benefitted.


If you are a blogger and writing blog post for your blog, and your main focus is on affiliate marketing then how Email marketing will help you grow.

you can use these tools to get leads for your business for Example: if you talk about affiliate marketing on your blog only then you can set-up lead magnet to attract leads.

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  • Sign up for best email marketing tools like i use Email Octopus and Mail Chimp primarily for my business and blog. you can choose any marketing automation tool as per your need and requirements.
  • After that build some lead magnets like give Free perks to your subscribers like it can be FREE E-book, Video or any other cool kinds of stuff with some value.
  • Ask for their Name and Primary email in return for that perk.
  • Now you get one lead for your business which will become your buying customer in coming future.

As I mentioned if you are a pro blogger and do reviews of products, software, and some gadgets then you can send those emails with affiliate links to your subscribers and when someone purchases from your link you earn commision out of that.

This is how email marketing can help you grow your brand, sales, and generate huge traffic on your blog.

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This was a small blueprint you can follow to get successful.

What if you run a small store of Pizza?

Running an offline store is the most hectic work to manage, if we talk about generating sales then it is tuff yes it is tuff. Online you can build an unlimited audience but in offline mode, limitation is there, you have to go with limited customers for sales.

Now How Email marketing will help you generate more sales for offline business?

  • I am going straight forward, Build your website.
  • Generate leads by Advertisements or Content Marketing
  • Send promotional offers with 50% discounts through email campaigns
  • Build a strategy to boost up sales, send emails on every second days or weekend.
  • Nurture your leads with heavy promotional offers.

This can be your blueprint to run an offline business and boost up your brand awareness as well as sales in less duration of time.

What if you are a Digital Marketer?

Digital marketers now are days using email campaigns to sell courses, services, consulting and other money making activities. 

Some major key benefits they get from email marketing:-

  1. Educate their current clients

  2. Increase brand recognition

  3. Attract new opportunities

  4. Reach a wider audience

  5. Connect with their target market

These are some major benefits marketers get from email marketing with very less cost.

One thing I love about this is you get a targetted quality audience which will help you in generating huge revenue in less time.

Mostly marketer serves two types of services as per my experience and research.

  1. Educational courses for learners.
  2. Marketing services for businesses.

If you have mastery in any field then you can sell your skills, let others get benefits from your experience. Always remember if you are good at anything, become a perfectionist in that area and start generating money.

  • The best thing about email marketing is you can target global audience.

Being an internet publisher you can build a good piece of content and market it with your subscribers, you can build many income sources which will work passively to generate revenue.

How is email marketing better than Paid Ads?

If we compare this with paid advertisements you will find this as the cheapest and one of the best-targeted media to generate sales,

  • You will run paid ads on Facebook and Google you will pay as per clicks but if we talk about emails you are paying only monthly subscription for automation tools and you can send emails as much as you can.

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While running ads online sometimes your campaign will not work sometimes the audience you want you will not get but here you are detailed and targetted.

Now i want to show you some insides of my email automation tools.

This is inside of my email automation tools, if we compare email octopus with other tools, this is easy and cheap one to start. You will get easy to use interface and automation.

Till 2500 subscribers it is Free to use, after that they will charge very nominal amount which is cheapest in the industry.

In this above image, you can see some of my latest campaigns for my subscribers, if you provide value to your subscribers and are transparent with them then you can build a loyal user base which will help you and motivate you in every sort of time.

  • I generally use email Octopus for sending bulk emails and after using it for a while I can say one of the best tools to automate an use.

Though you will not get as much automation as you get in Aweber and Drip still whatever automation you are getting I am confident enough that you will get satisfaction in that.

Conclusion: If I conclude this blog post then Email marketing is the best ever tools or method you can ever have to increase in your sales, brand exposure, profits, reach etc with only one click.

Best thing is that, you don’t need to learn rocket science, you can learn by doing.

Read blog posts related to this and you will get sufficient knowledge to boost up your skills and sales as well.

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