How I Earned More Than 1 Lakh Rupees Within 20 Days Secret Revealed

Hello, Friends today I am going to share one of my life ever best experience in making money online with like no cost invested.

So How many of you are searching on the internet “HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE?”  I think all of you am I correct? if yes then you landed on the perfect place.

Without wasting your precious time lets jump into it Money making is not a BIG deal on Internet if you have some good knowledge of internet and if you implement everything in the correct way then you can end up making a very good amount of money.

So How I make more than 1 Lakh rupees in just 20 days How? How can be possible?

yes, dear, it can possible.

I make a very good amount of money from Internet DO YOU KNOW ABOUT E-BOOKS? I think you all know

eBooks are electronic books which can be downloaded n number of times and for every download, you will get money sounds nice na? Yes, it is nice dear you can earn a huge amount of money from eBooks.

I want you also to create eBooks and sell them  Online. But How?

Here is Your Answer: You can create E-books Using Microsoft Word or you can say MS. Word after creating minimum 15 to 20 pages of E-Books you can save that book in form of PDF and Upload it on your website or other portals to sell.

Where To Sell?

You can sell Your Ebooks in India on instamojo 

You can directly sell your digital as well as physical products online for very minimum cost instamojo will charge only 2% + Rs.3 per transactions that is very low to everyone, isn’t it?

Upload Your Ebook On instamojo  and sell your Digital products without owning any websites or landing page.

uploading dash board looks Like above image so make best quality eBooks with no investment. Please make sure the quality of eBook no grammatical mistake should be done.

After creating E-books you can promote your eBooks on Facebook with Facebook adverts that are very easy to use and handle kind of platform better than Google Ad-words.

Sell E-books Out side India:

You can sell eBooks internationally with below websites:

  1. LuLu
  2. Tradebit

Happy Earning friends start creating now best eBooks and start earning today. Please do your valuable comments and let me know if you have any questions on E-books selling.


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