Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2024 to Buy Bitcoin

Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2024 to Buy Bitcoin

Whether you are looking to buy bitcoin, buy ripple, or buy any other form of cryptocurrency, the best place to start is to find yourself a top cryptocurrency exchange. These are places where you can buy and transfer cryptocurrencies with ease, whether you are a first-time buyer or have a lot of experience in trading.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Below, you will find a top list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges which offer the lowest fee to buy bitcoin and other altcoins and the best all-around service.

best cryptocurrency exchanges


The team at Binance are rapidly evolving their service to make it better for users with each passing day, and they are a great option for all your trading needs. Whether you are an experienced trader or not.

They offer two different interfaces in this respect, basic and advanced, so they can help you grow and evolve from a rookie to a vet over time, which is certainly one of their USPs.

In other areas of their service, they are also great for this via their blockchain academy which is full of guides and tutorials which can help you better your trading capabilities.

They also offer their own native currency, Binance Coin (BNB), a top ten cryptocurrency, which you get discounts on trading with on their site. They are currently ranked the fifth-largest cryptocurrency in the world but are rapidly growing thanks to their evolving services.

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CEX provides a service to over 7000 customers and prides themselves on their straightforward service that allows you to buy a wide range of cryptocurrency. You can buy bitcoin with a credit card or bank transfer here and then use that to buy ripple, buy Ethereum or buy any number of popular and niche cryptocurrencies.

One of the best things about their service is the ability to trade at high volumes thanks to offering order book liquidity.

They have a secure service compliant with PCI DSS standards, the essential licensing, and pledge to offer fair prices when you are selling. All of which allow you to trust CEX for your trading needs. They are also available in 99% of countries.


LocalBitcoin is different in their approach to other exchanges as they are completely decentralized. This means when you buy bitcoin, you will buy it from other users of their service.

When it is time to trade your bitcoin and buy ripple, then the same concept applies, and you will be selling that bitcoin to other users in the network.

They use location services so that you will find traders who are within your country or region, which adds to the reliability aspect of their service and is where they take their name from.

You will find all the local traders on your interface with the different prices they are offering so you can compare and contrast to get the best deal for you.

Speaking of the best deal, they also charge no fees for regular trading, which of course, makes them one of the places with the lowest fee to buy bitcoin and other altcoins.


Kraken, as its main competitors eToro, is one of the most tried and tested platforms to buy bitcoin, having offered trading from as early as 2011. This makes them one of the oldest and most tried and trusted exchange platforms out there.

However, they have managed to keep up with the times with expert service by offering one of the widest selection of cryptocurrencies that can be traded via their innovative service.

They have a lot of authorities that back them up on their reliability too. They have backing by independent news media, as well as countless institutions and authorities. Not to mention thousands of traders too.

At Kraken, they also produce daily market reports to help you judge your trading decisions and offer access to services such as margin and futures cryptocurrency trading. They also have no flat fee, so when you make use of their 70+ trading pairs, it will be all be reflective of the coins you are dealing in.


Wazirx is one of the most famous crypto exchange in India, widely used by almost 90% crypto traders in India.

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Take your pick from this top list of the best exchanges where to buy bitcoin, buy ripple or any other cryptocurrency as they won’t steer you wrong and all offer the lowest fee to buy bitcoin and other altcoins possible.

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