Healthcare & Other Industry Transformations Lead by Airtel 5G

Healthcare & Other Industry Transformations Lead by Airtel 5G

IMC 2022 was a mind-blowing event as 5G has been officially launched in India by our respected Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi ji. India has finally become a 5G-enabled country now.

In the exhibition, many telecom brands participated, showcasing the launches of hardware & software products and the products compatibility with 5G to solve critical business and user critical business and user problems.

Organized by the Department of Telecommunications Ministry of Communications, Government of India launched 5G services at India’s largest technology event—India Mobile Congressfrom the 1st to 4th of October at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The event was well organized with-hundred-plus brands showcasing their 5G-enabled products. 

What I liked the most was the telecom giant, Airtel’s,presentation of their 5G-enabled technology and how it helps businesses in different sectors to solve major problems.

The most promising use cases that I liked about Airtel 5G were in the sectors of healthcarelogisticsIOT, EV marketdata centersagriculture, and entertainment. Let’s discuss my experience with Airtel 5G in different sectors:

Airtel 5G in Healthcare

Airtel, Apollo Hospitals, and Cisco have come together to build a system that empowers 5G Connected Ambulances and Hospitals. Airtel 5G has created a connected system where ambulances and hospitals are tethered together allowing doctors to monitor patients from the starting point, right after boarding the patient in the ambulance.

It becomes easy for doctors to start the treatment of the patient virtually from the hospital with an Airtel 5G-powered system while the patient is in the ambulance, and on his way to the hospital.

This is a revolution in the healthcare industry because every year many people die while the patient is on the way to the hospital.

“Healthcare is one of the most promising use cases for 5G, and we are delighted to deepen our partnerships with Apollo Hospitals and Cisco to bring some innovative use cases for the Indian market,” said Ajay Chitkara, Director & CEO, Airtel Business

Airtel 5g Healthcare

Airtel 5G will be a game changer by enabling new use cases and improving efficiency across industries and specifically in the healthcare sector as 5G will provide clinicians with live actionable insights for real-time patient monitoring and treatment.

The 5G-connected ambulance is equipped with the latest medical equipment, patient monitoring apps, and telemetry devices that transmit the patient’s health data to the hospital in real time. In addition, it is also affixed with on-board cameras, helmet-based cameras, and body cameras for paramedics, all connected to the ultra-fast, low latency Airtel 5G network. The company says it will be further enabled with technologies like AR/VR.

Ajay Chitkara, Director & CEO, Airtel Business, Bharti Airtel,said, “5G is a transformative technology, and this is yet another Airtel demonstration of how collaborations can unlock the potential of digital platforms for the good of humanity. Healthcare is one of the most promising use cases for 5G, and we are excited to deepen our partnerships with Apollo Hospitals and Cisco to bring some innovative use cases to the Indian market.”

Virtually transports doctors to the ambulance: With real-time camera feed available, ambulance paramedics can use cameras to collaborate with hospital ER doctors who are equipped with technologies such as AV/VR to perform procedures basics, if necessary. Physicians can virtually guide the paramedic to carry out the procedure and save precious lives.

Airtel AR & VR Healthcare 

When real-time connectivity is available, ambulance paramedics can use the cameras to collaborate with hospital emergency room doctors and access the AV/VR technology to perform simple treatments when needed.

While Augmented Reality (Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (), Virtual Reality (VR), and spatial computing are already being used in healthcare on a limited basis, 5G will further enhance a doctor’s ability to deliver innovative and less invasive treatments. Among 5G’s many ultimate potential applications, some of the most exciting ones involved insimulating complex medical scenarios and enabling alternative treatments for the critically ill.

Airtel is working at the forefront of this field, exploring opportunities to apply 5G to medical challenges. The goal is to reduce pain and anxiety for terminally ill patients in hospice by providing calming, distracting content via 5G-enabled AR and VR.

Ambupod Technology

Airtel Ambupod (clinic-on-wheels) technology provides health testing, immunization, and doctor connectivity in hard-to-reachrural areas. Doctors can make a virtual examination of the patient through a video call and scan reports to provide appropriate treatment. This on-the-go mobile clinic can provide medical services to remote villages where patients are not as privileged with appropriate medical facilities. 

Preparing for the Change

By enabling all the existing technologies through 5G networks, healthcare systems can improve the quality of care and patient experience, while lowering the cost of care.

With 5G connectivity, healthcare providers will be enabled with the ability to deliver more personalized and preventative care, which is why many healthcare employees became providers in the first place.

Airtel Smarter Asset Tracking

Asset tracking software is a modern digital tool designed to help businesses track and manage their physical assets using various technologies. This software tracks an asset using multiple technologies such as barcodes, QR codes, RFID tags, and GPS tracker For example, you can see how a cashier scans and adds an item to your bill when you visit a store to buy something.

These retail stores use barcodes to track their assets using specific software. This type of software helps you access and find the item you are looking for in seconds among millions of registered assets.

Some benefits of using asset tracking software

● Get a better understanding of all your tagged assets using your computer.

● Easily track all the items in your inventory, thereby reducing the risk of items being stolen or lost.

● Save money on replacing lost or stolen items. Also, it’s easy to track a thief using electronic tags.

● Access your asset information anywhere in the world using any computer, thanks to the cloud-based asset registry.

Airtel Energy Management

The captive power unit, which is spread over 80 acres, has been established by Airtel in partnership with Avaada to supply clean power to Nxtra by Airtel through Airtel’s large data centers and switching centers in the state of Maharashtra.

Airtel has committed to reducing absolute Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas GHG emissions across all its operations by 50.2% by the fiscal year 2031 with fiscal year 2021 as the base year. Airtel has also committed to reducing absolute Scope 3 GHG emissions by 42% over the same period. It will achieve this through multiple intervention, including the accelerated adoption of green energy in its energy-efficient network operation, infrastructure and processes, as well as the implementation of sustainable business practices in its workplaces.

Nxtra by Airtel has already commissioned two captive solar power units of 14 MW each in the state of Uttar Pradesh as part of its focus on green energy sources to fuel its growing operations. The company has the largest network of data centers with 11 large and 120 edge data centers across the country and will invest more than Rs 5000 Cr over the next four years to expand its capacity by 3 times.

Airtel IoT

Airtel IoT is an integrated platform that offers end-to-end solution and works with a variety of connectivity technologies to suit various business needs. With a long-standing legacy of delivering customer satisfaction, Airtel 5G ensures a seamless IoT journey, transforming businesses to deliver immediate benefits and setting them up for future success.

Airtel Cloud Edge 

Airtel Cloud Edge Content Delivery Network (CDN) accelerates the delivery of web and video content by using its edge network to bring content as close as possible to users. This reduces latency, costs, and load on servers, making it easier for businesses to focus on application performance. This service is especially useful in the OTT, Ed-tech, Gaming, and Healthcare sectors.

Airtel Cloud Edge CDN service is optimized for the network, using 120 edge locations, network strength and percentage of mobile devices to provide a better customer experience. Airtel is working with two of the biggest OTT companies in India and others on this platform.

Airtel Robotic

Airtel and TCS have joined forces to test 5G-based use cases of TCS Neural Manufacturing suite of solutions. These solutions help manufacturers build smart, cognitive factories that mimic resilient and adaptive behaviors, as well as enable remote robotic operations in potentially hazardous environments such as mining, chemical plant, and oil and gas fields to safeguard human capital.

They harness the ultra-reliable, low latency communication, enhanced bandwidth, and high device density characteristics of the 5G networks and the combinatorial power of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence/machine learning, computer vision, industrial robotics, and augmented reality/ virtual reality to enable autonomous actions.

TCS successfully tested two use cases on Airtel 5G testbed remote robotic operations and vision-based quality inspection, demonstrating how TCS neural manufacturing solutions and 5G technology can transform industrial operations and increase quality, productivity and safety significantly. The demonstration was held at Airtel 5G lab in Manesar, Gurgaon.

All in all, it was an awesome experience at IMC 2022, and glad to share that Airtel is collaborating with Big MNCs to fulfill the need for 5G and providing world-class solutions for businesses.

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