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What is Affiliate Marketing How to Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing

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Hey Guys what’s up in this blog post i will tell you what is Affiliate Marketing and how you can use it as a tool to generate revenue for you, People who work as an employee in any organisation they work for whole day 9:00 to 5:00 job they work for entire month then they get a little amount of money as a salary and they are not satisfied with it.

So there are so many options through which you can make money💰. Affiliate marketing is the best passive way of generating income, here you don’t need to do anything only you have to promote your affiliate links on your website, Facebook page, Google plus page, and if you are a Youtuber then in your video’s description.

  1. The best way of advertising your affiliate links are your own websites that are your space right? So you own that place and you can promote different products there. Amazon Associate Central is the best affiliate program in which you can earn commission rates up to 10%. You will get high commissions on apparels and less commission on Smartphones.

Everything is up to you which product you are going to promote. For starting your affiliate account you need to sign up for Amazon Associate Central program and then submit the sign-up form.

Details needed for signup:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Email address
  4. Banking details
  5. Cancelled cheque
  6. Pan card
  7. Mobile number
  8. Landing page (website)

These are some details you need to submit for approval, after reviewing your application it’s up to them to accept or reject the application. If your application gets accepted then you will receive an email stating your account have been verified and you are ready to promote products. I am talking about Amazon Associate Central program another affiliate program may differ from this.

Other famous affiliate marketing programs:

  1. Commission Junction
  2. JvZoo

On Commission Junction & JvZoo, you can get so many advertisers who are ready to give you their products to promote and earn commission if someone buys that product, one of the best advantage of registering with these two affiliate  Programs is that they are spam free and you can choose products as per your content or wish.

Next thing which comes to your mind is How to promote your Affiliate products?

So I will say you that is very simple to promote products but conversion is very hard, conversion means how many clicks convert into sales here you have to play the trick.

You can use Email Capture method to maximize your sale, now you will think What is Email capturing?

So friends email capturing is a method through which so many companies are earning a really very huge amount of money.

What is Email capturing?

Email Capturing is a method through which you can collect so many email addresses of those people who are clicking on your Affiliate Links,

You can create your Email capturing pages with Unbounce .

After capturing emails of those people you can Send them promotional offers directly in their Email inbox, which is the best practice ever to increase your affiliate sale.

So, Friends, I hope you get to know little knowledge about affiliate marketing so go and sign up for affiliate programs of different companies & websites.

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