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How to Start a YouTube Channel & Earn Money Online by Tryootech

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Hey friends as new trend is going on, Create a YouTube Channel and Earn Money in 2017. You also know YouTube is not an easy task to perform you have to have a lot more patience more then anything else to be a successful Youtuber. Today many Youtubers are struggling to get success on YouTube but only some achieve success and failure for others. This is because the people who failed is not because they have not done hard work, they have done hard work only but YouTube needs smart work. The only and the reason for their failure is the lack of Smartwork & dedication. Everyone wants to earn money Online much faster, they are running for quick Money​ which is next to impossible. Money making is easy online when you are popular celebrity or a brand.

How you can Make Money with your YouTube Channel

  1. YouTube Advertisements
  2. Sponseships
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Introducing your Products(E books)
  5. Provide Online Courses

These are the 5 major ways you can make money with you tube & its totally depends on you how you can use your marketing skills to convert your passion into money making machine.

Anytime on You tube there are 1 million people are online they are eager to watch something unique, interesting, which adds value to You tube then only you can get success there, i am running my YouTube channel since last one year i have learned a lot.

You tube changes my mindset i changed from a dumb boy to a entrepreneur who now see a world with millions of opportunities which can help you Earn & Learn  in your Life.

Challenges you will face in You Tube Carrier:

  • Subscribers Count
  • Copyright Claims
  • Community Strikes
  • Hate Comments
  • Adsense CTR fluctuation
  • Less Views
  • Channel Suspension

These are the some problems or challenges you will face as you begin your carrier in you tube. With passing time you will learn automatically how to tackle these silly problems.

Tools which can help you grow:

Here are some tools & extensions which will help you in long run.

  • Tube-Buddy
  • VidIQ

You can use both tools for keyword search, tag search, earning of other you tubers, these tools comes with paid plans also in the form of monthly subscriptions, but if you are a newbie you can use free services and those are more than enough for you.

 How to get Sponsorships for your Channel:

You can get sponsorships for your Youtube channel s well as Facebook page on Fame-bit.

There are some limitations you have to have atleast 5000 Subscribers or followers to eligible for fame-bit.

Thankyou for reading.

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