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How To Set Up Your Affiliate Marketing Niche Website- My Method

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Howdy Friends how are you? Struggling to earn from affiliate marketing? Not getting proper guidance how to start from? In this blog post, i will tell you how to start from very scratch.

1. Analyse your potential and interest.

The very first thing you should think is am I interested in affiliate marketing? or I am influenced by someone though I have no interest in it. So if you have interest then only you should think of building an affiliate marketing business or empire.

Most of the people fail to earn money from affiliate marketing because they are not meant for it. With lack of interest, you are not going anywhere so, if interested then only proceed further.

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2. Niche Selection with respect to profit.

As I earlier explained to your interest should be there in any niche you choose. Spend time on searching market value, your interested niche, and scalability. If you go ahead and starts a website for fish food niche then the competition is low but overall monthly searches are also low.

Few people will search for fish food as we compare it with dogs/cats food, so don’t go with emotions be practical and think for business perspective then only you can make your website or niche profitable.

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3. Finalizing your domain name.

After researching on niche selection and end up with topics the next level is to build your website/blog on that niche. The first thing comes is domain name registration register a domain name from GodaddyBigrock, BlueHost,  Hostgator etc.

While choosing the domain name you should research on Keywords selection for example if you are going to make a website on hair transplant then your keyword should contain ‘hair transplant’ then only you can able to rank your website to some extent.

one more thing you should keep in mind that do not buy keyword which influences someone else’s brand if you will do so then your blog will be thrashed by that influenced brand, Avoid doing such practices.

Purchase relevant domain name which you can scale as a brand in the coming future.

4. Purchase good hosting for your blog/website.

With only domain name you are not going anywhere else you should buy hosting to make your website live on the internet. Purchasing good hosting is a big deal and you should be very clear about terms and conditions a hosting company is offering you.

Read all related documents carefully, make sure no any hidden charges a company offers you. The most trusted and best hosting providers  I will recommend you is BlueHost HostingHostgator Hosting. If someone will say you to buy hosting from cheap companies, never do that because your website’s uptime matters a lot.

Always search for discounts and offers which will cut down your costs and you will end up with better customer friendly plans. So here I am showing you some plans which will be best for you.

Choosing best hosting can help you built your strong profitable affiliate website.

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Check out Hostgator click here.

5. Install WordPress on your domain name.

That will be much better if you buy WordPress hosting or if you are a beginner then buying WordPress hosting will be best for you to build. Why I am recommending you to go with WordPress because it has lots of functionality and needs not any single code to run your website.

You can enrich your website by simply installing different plugins available on WordPress platform.

Choose the best theme which looks professional and SEO(Search Engine Friendly). SEO friendly means theme should need fewer plugins to install for all required functionality. Fewer plugins will help your website to load fast and users will love if your website loads very fast.

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After setting up your website invest your time in searching for SEO techniques How to write quality blogs and much more pieces of stuff.

6.Write unbiased Reviews to help others.

After everything is well settled your platform is ready, the next thing you have to do is write blog posts to get organic search traffic. People will convert if they will come from search engines.

Use affiliate links instead of normal links which will help you earn handsome amount of money.

Maintain a healthy balance between your blog posts, update regularly, do on-page SEO optimization, learn strategies how to rank on the very first page of search engines, though it is tuff but not impossible.

Write for people, not search engines because as Google is regularly updating his algorithm for best in class content for their people.

Think if you search something on google then one website with pop ads will come in front of you then how would you feel? you feel like you will never search on google again it’s like that only. Google also want quality content for their search.

Write neat and clean web posts and best thing will boost your website’s rank in Google search, if your website is mobile friendly then you can get huge benefits and it worked for me.

Be concise and to the point don’t travel your reader to the next level otherwise you may lose one reader or subscriber on your blog, that will be led you down and your conversions will suffer.

Some points you should keep in mind with respect to SEO:

  • After setting up your website register your website for Google Webmaster Tool that will help your website to index for search engines. Do it with Bing Webmaster Tool for quick ranking of your blog.
  • Consistency will lead you to rank quick write consistently.
  • Install SEO by Yoast plugin on your WordPress.
  • Optimize every page with high searched keywords.
  • Do Keyword research.
  • Try paid keyword research tools for your fast success.
  • Affiliate Links by default looks spammy cloak them off with link cloaking plugins.

So friends in this blog i hope you loved the tips if you loved please share this blog post with your friends and do comment if you need any help. I will be more than happy to help you.

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