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How To Live Boss Free Life Work For You Not Others

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Are you also doing a boring job like me? I hope every individual has right to live his life fullest.

I believe working under a boss and spending your crucial important time making rich richer and not working for you can through you into depression. If you are passionate about doing something which you feel can make you rich so! what are you waiting for, go, get your dream & make it happen.

The reality of Indian Common Student.

In India, every third student is a victim of MNC Fever What is MNC Fever?

MNC Fever is a kind of state of Dream to work in a Multi-National Company after completing graduation and post graduation. MNCs cheat and I think plays with the life of a student or employee. They convert a Diamond into Coal. The student who is capable of generating $1000 per month but he/she is bound to earn only $100 to $200 per month.

When companies recruit freshers they Hire in bulk like they are buying vegetables for their kitchen that moment is so awkward, corporates play with future of employees. They just want to earn huge amount of money and earn huge profit margins, treating employees like robots, Is it correct? NO NO NO

BIG NO from my side, companies should work on training them and making them future ready.

So, my dear friends, i was also a victim of MNC Fever and struggled a lot in my life, truly saying the job is not a job which is out of your interest and you are forced to do that.

Move ahead in your life Make assets which generate money for at autopilot mode. You need not be active while earning your assets will work for you.

Invest in learning not in earning. If you feel I will run behind money then I will earn money so you are in the wrong mode. Stop running start learning because money will come in future when you learn today.

Best examples to live bossy life.

So here I want to share some bossy tips for you what you can do to live like a Boss.

  • You should start your own company and become your own boss.
  • You can think out of the box and built a business.
  • Always try to make assets which will earn for you.
  • Create your own products and sell
  • Become a freelance and earn
  • start a small offline business if you are interested.
  • Buy sell stocks
  • Invest in real estates and earn huge margins.

these are some examples you can try, you can add your own examples also if you want.

Start working for your self, earn sold incomes while sleeping at your farmhouse.

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What did i find on the internet?

The Internet is full of opportunities, Millions, and millions dollar of money is waiting for you the only thing you need is knowledge How to grab that opportunity.

There are two types of people exists in this world one who always lives life on other’s predictions and one who predict their destiny by your own.

Choose which type of person you want to be? Cry for money or Let money cry for you, Choice is your’s set your goals plan your destiny and let hit back the world with your fame.

According to me the best way to start exploring for earnings?

The only answer form my side will be on high priority is Affiliate Marketing. As per my experience, this is the best business to start ever. Small or no investment but the returns are really shocking.

if you register for top 30 affiliate programs and you have Traffic then you can generate the huge amount of dollars.

One can start affiliate marketing with no skills and that is the best business to start.

Give chance to your parents to feel proud of you and live boss free life, Many Internet marketers earning the six-figure income as a commission only sitting at home working on their laptops.

Be prepared for the tomorrow Build assets for your survival jobs sucks.


  • Sign up for all possible affiliate programs maintain an excel sheet & start earning.
  • Register your business now and try to build a small company if interested.

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